Millie Bobby Brown claims to feel “sexualized” after turning 18

One of the youngest and most popular actresses worldwide is undoubtedly Millie Bobby Brown, since her success and talent have catapulted her to stardom in a few years, thus making it clear that she has a promising and fruitful future in acting.

We well know that Millie has been in the eye of the hurricane on several occasions, this is because her acting career began to bear the first fruits when she was barely 11 years old and was chosen to play Eleven in Stranger Things.

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Although it seems that everything is looking astern in her professional path, the truth is that the actress has been involved in situations that have puzzled her more than once, well constantly She faces criticism from the press and the public who think her image has been hypersexualized.

And that’s not all, since apparently things have gotten worse since he is of legal age, because Bobby Brown He assures that the comments they make to him are intended to “sexualize” his image.

Given this, the young woman has not remained silent and has decided to raise her voice, and in a recent interview with the Guilty Feminist Podcastspoke about how the media and people on social networks have sexualized her image even since she was very young… and even more so now that she has reached what many consider to be the age of majority.

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“Any 18-year-old is dealing with being an adult, having romantic relationships, friendships, being loved and trying to fit in,” Millie said.

“I’ve definitely been dealing with it more in the last two weeks of turning 18… [Estoy] definitely seeing a difference between the way people act and the way the press and social media react to my coming of age. It’s disgusting”, added fellow Enola Holmes star.

And although her case is specific, she does not see it as something isolated. On the contrary, it is a reflection of what happens with many young people around the world: “It is a representation of what is happening in the world and how young women are sexualized. I have faced that…”.

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In addition to the above, Millie recalled that on one occasion she received all kinds of remarks when she wore a slightly low-cut dress to an award ceremony, this at 16 years of age.

“I thought, ‘My God, is this really what we’re talking about? We should be talking about the amazing people who were there at the awards show'”he mentioned.

Given the situations that she has had to face, the actress took advantage of the interview space to give a message to all her followers: “I hope that if there is a 12 year old who has said on Instagram that he is 18 years old and has created an account, go to my profile and take the opportunity to realize the horrible world that is out there … I think that social networks are the worst place of all time”.

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Millie Bobby Brown claims to feel “sexualized” after turning 18