Millie Bobby Brown, Charlie, Paige and Eva, a close-knit sibling?

Millie Bobby Brown’s siblings, made up of her sisters Paige and Eva, as well as her brothers Charlie, are a shining example of the strength of family ties. Behind Millie’s fame and success lies unconditional support and a treasured friendship with her siblings. What do you need to know about these? Who is Millie Bobby Brown’s brother, Charlie Brown?

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Charlie Brown, Millie Bobby Brown’s older brother

Among the members of the Brown siblings, Millie Bobby Brown maintains a particularly strong bond with her brother Charlie Brown. Born on February 19, 1999, he is Millie’s older brother. Even though he doesn’t lead a life in the limelight like his sister, he’s definitely proud of her and her career.

The 24-year-old is a professional photographer. He even photographed the cover for the fall issue of Who What Wear. Millie Bobby Brown and Charlie Brown traveled to the family home in Atlanta, Georgia for the photoshoot and her talent showed through in the nature and ether inspired shots.

1685088678 69 Millie Bobby Brown Charlie Paige and Eva a close knit sibling

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Jake Bongiovi’s fiancée looked stunning in a ruffled skirt dress with a floral corset, and she said her favorite photo was of her sitting on a trunk with her dress cascading down either side of her.

Paige Brown, Millie’s older sister

Paige Brown is Millie’s older sister and the sibling’s first child. Born on December 27, 1993, the charming young woman is perhaps the one who gave Millie Bobby Brown the desire to become an actress.

Another actress in the Brown family

Paige Brown began pursuing an acting career at a young age and landed her first role on the show Help Me Help You in 2006. Her biggest success is the role of Allison in south dakotareleased in 2017. Besides, Millie’s big sister Bobby Brown also starred in the famous series Victorious.

1685088679 80 Millie Bobby Brown Charlie Paige and Eva a close knit sibling

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Film co-producers Enola Holmes

Paige recently joined forces in the film industry with her sister Millie to produce the American-British adventure films Enola Holmes And Enola Holmes 2. Her passion for reading helped Paige Brown a lot in producing these films. Indeed, it was inspired by the eponymous series of novels by author Nancy Springer.

In an interview for LA TimesPaige Brown confessed that her sister Millie is also among her main inspirations for Enola Holmes :

“Enola struck me as a really great character. At the time, Millie was a bit younger [qu’Enola, NDLR]but I was thinking about the future and I thought it would be really great on screen”.

It’s clear that Millie Bobby Brown looks up to her big sister, as she responded to his speech by saying that “When Paige is enthusiastic about something, I am immediately”.

Millie Bobby Brown Charlie Paige and Eva a close knit sibling

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Millie and Paige Brown are working on a new movie

In 2020, Millie revealed to Who What Wear that she and her sister Paige had some exciting projects going on. In particular, they collaborated on the writing of a screenplay for a film entitled A Time Lost. This feature film depicts in a complex way the journey of a close friend battling cancer.

According Decide, netflix set out to bring this film to life. However, as of today, the project still appears to be in development. Nonetheless, Charlie Brown’s sisters were quick to express their dedication to the project, emphasizing its importance to them.

They expressed their gratitude to netflix for entrusting them with this poignant story. Describing this project as a “labor of love”Paige and Millie Bobby Brown shared their heartfelt feelings.

1685088680 265 Millie Bobby Brown Charlie Paige and Eva a close knit sibling

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Ava Brown, Millie Bobby Brown’s little sister

Ava Brown is Millie’s one and only younger sister. This adorable eleven-year-old girl was born on January 20, 2012. She hasn’t started pursuing a career in the entertainment industry like her sisters yet, but she’s still in school and quite young, so she has much of the time. It’s clear that she and her big sister Millie are very close.

Is Millie Bobby Brown close to her siblings?

Millie Bobby Brown is very close to her brothers and sisters and does not hesitate to let it be known. The star of the famous series netflix Stranger Things knows she can count on them when she needs them most.

His interview with Who What Wear is a perfect illustration of this, when Millie Bobby Brown asked Charlie Brown, her brother, to help her take photos of her for the magazine, as mentioned above.

1685088681 824 Millie Bobby Brown Charlie Paige and Eva a close knit sibling

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In the interview for the weekly, Charlie Brown’s little sister insisted on explaining how close she is to her siblings.

” [Les membres de ma famille] are my best friends. These are the people I talk to every day, see every day, and enjoy collaborating with because they know me and will be honest with me.”

Millie Bobby Brown: why aren’t her siblings as famous as the actress?

While on the show The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Millie Bobby Brown also spoke about her siblings. She mentioned that not all of her siblings are into the entertainment industry.

The beautiful young woman also admitted that her siblings didn’t even look Stranger Things and she appreciates that her celebrity status isn’t a major concern for them. Indeed, it helps to maintain a certain normalcy in his life.

1685088681 893 Millie Bobby Brown Charlie Paige and Eva a close knit sibling

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Millie Bobby Brown received a visit from her brothers and sisters while filming

Millie had the pleasure of welcoming her siblings to the plateau filmingEnola Holmes, and she was delighted by their presence. The young British actress told Mirror that she is happy to be surrounded by her family.

“They are incredibly creative people. And being able to be part of this journey with them was the best love and support anyone could have. I could turn around and see my brother and my sister, they are incredible collaborators”.


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