Mickey Rourke’s War Hunt explores a demonic, unholy WWII story

Saban Films has released the first trailer for their upcoming wartime horror film, War hunt. The film follows a group of American soldiers who fall behind enemy lines on a search and recovery mission during World War II. However, they don’t know that the Black Forest they entered is a horrible coven that will bring them far more dangerous terror than the Nazis.

War hunt was the first film to successfully complete production during the initial pandemic strike when the entire world and other filming and film productions were put on a long lockdown. The film, now distributed by Saban Films, is now planning a theatrical release on January 21, 2022, followed by making the film available on video on demand.

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War hunt has a relatively unknown cast, which, however, is helmed by Oscar nominated actor Mickey Rourke, who is known for his roles in Wrestler, Sin City, Iron Man 2, and The rainmaker. Besides Rourke, War hunt stars Robert Knepper (Zombie) et Jackson Rathbone (The Twilight saga) in leading roles. The film is directed by Mario Borrelli, who is an experienced concept artist and illustrator, having previously worked on films like Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Borrelli has already directed the 2017 film, The reminder. Borreli also co-wrote the film.

The trailer for the film features American soldiers making their way through the Black Forest while facing inhuman killings, which they infer cannot be the job of the Germans. As they lose their sanity in the face of the situation, the group begins to fall prey to their soon-to-be confirmed superstitious beliefs. What follows in the trailer is that these soldiers struggle to find a way home while fighting an invisible and invincible dark force.

War hunt is produced by Julie Zaytseva of Forma Pro Films, Adel Nur of Atomik Content and Yu-Fai Suen. Written and directed by Mario Borrelli, it will be released on January 21, 2022.


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Mickey Rourke’s War Hunt explores a demonic, unholy WWII story