Michelle Williams dropped a habit that relaxes her

Actress Michelle Williams continues to attend acting classes so she doesn’t lose her habit or get rusty while she’s not on a film project. This was detailed by the protagonist of “Blue Valentine” during the event The Contenders 2022, according to information from Indie Wire.

«I take acting classes, it is not a sin against my name. He is all technical. In one aspect you are building something within yourself. Something that fades away once you’re on set,” she said.

Likewise, the consecrated professional, who recently gave birth, commented that she stays in tune with her body at those times. “It’s all about physical exercise and the intentions one has with it. Sometimes I think it’s a way to relax and feel worthy when you’re doing something productive.”

Subsequently, Michelle Williams pointed to Julie Andrews as her great inspiration regarding acting. “The best thing about having children is that I still watch old movies and I always go back to Julie Andrews. That incandescence is too good to be true.”

Previously, Heath Ledger’s ex-partner spoke with Indie Wire about what it meant to bring Steven Spielberg’s mother to life in his semi-biographical film, “The Fabelmans.” The star commented that she often maintains the essence of a real-life character with an imaginative twist.

“How can I capture all of her essence to let in the feeling and aura of who she was, while still being myself? They both have a script, a twist and words, but one is a fragment of your imagination and the other carries the essence of a historical person who walked the Earth.

Next, we must mention the outstanding career of Williams, who will be recognized with a tribute to the interpretation on November 28 at the Gotham Awards. “My Week with Marilyn”, “Manchester By the Sea” and “Brokeback Mountain”, are some of the films in which she has starred.

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Michelle Williams dropped a habit that relaxes her