Michelle Trachtenberg: the current life of the former child star who shone in Buffy and Gossip Girl

Throughout the history of Hollywood, one of the “pillars” of the industry has undoubtedly been child actors and actresses, who have brought more than one smile or tear to viewers.

And they have done it with performances as remembered as Tatum o’neal in the film Paper Moon (1973), whose dazzling performance made her the youngest Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress, when she was only 10 years old.

Michelle Trachtenberg the current life of the former child star
Tatum O’Neal | SensaCine

Another emblematic example was that of Anna Paquin, who at the age of 11 went up to collect the gold award for Best Supporting Actress for the film The piano (1993).

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Anna Paquin | SensaCine

However, there are also hundreds of other mini-actors who have done their thing on the big and small screen without so many accolades, but with performances that have drawn several laughs.

That is the case of Michelle Trachtenberg, remembered as a child for starring in the movie Harriet the Spy (1996), and who later managed to stay in the seventh art industry with his forays into series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, more recently, Gossip girl.

From New York to Hollywood

Michelle Christine Trachtenberg was born on October 11, 1985 in New York (USA), in the bosom of a family made up of his mother Lana, a bank manager, and his father Michael, a fiber optic engineer, as well as his younger sister Irene.

He grew up in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn, where he attended The Bay Academy for the Arts and Sciences. Later, he finished his studies at the Notre Dame de Sherman Oaks School in California.

In that period, Michelle already enjoyed great fame among her peers, due to the fact that as a young woman she ventured into the world of flashes.

At just three years old, the young woman starred in national advertisements and at eight, in 1993, she made the leap to popularity with a role in the renowned American series All My Children (ABC).

Shortly after he participated in the comedy The Adventures of Pete and Pete (Nickelodeon) during her last two seasons (1994-95), playing the role of ‘Nona Mecklenberg’.

In addition, he had special appearances in very popular series of the time such as Clarissa Explains Everything, starring Melissa joan hart, one of the most famous shows on the Nickelodeon network in the early ’90s.

Trachtenberg’s rise to fame

A year later, in 1996, he would mark a milestone in his career by star in the movie Harriet the Spy, for which he won a Young Artist Award and achieved international fame.

Then would come new important roles: in 1999 he appeared in the film Inspector Gadget, playing the character of ‘Penny’. Two years later, in 2001, she would become the host of the series Truth or nightmare from Discovery Kids, which was also broadcast in Latin America.

Michelle and her passage through Buffy Y Gossip girl

However, among his most memorable roles is undoubtedly that of ‘Dawn Summers’, the sister of the protagonist ‘Buffy Summers’ (Sarah Michelle Gellar) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer between the fifth and seventh seasons (2000 – 2003).

In the series the young woman had a prominent role, as a member of the Scooby Gang, sister of ‘Buffy’ and daughter of ‘Hank’ and ‘Joyce Summers’. In her original form, she was a mystical power, living energy known as The key.

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Michelle and Sarah in Buffy | 20th Television

Later, the young actress would show a more mature side in the famous program Gossip girl, where he played ‘Georgina Sparks’, a drug addict, alcoholic and evil young woman who makes life impossible for one of the protagonists, ‘Serena van der Woodsen’ (Blake Lively).

The actress has very good memories of the series, and even maintains great closeness with some of her castmates. That is the case of Leighton Meester (who played ‘Blair Waldorf’), who he was seen sharing with years after the series ended.

And despite the fact that in Buffy he had an excellent acting experience, the truth is that no one expected me to experience an environment of harassment in the middle of the recordings.

Trachtenberg and the dark secret of Buffy

In February of this year the actress of Buffy, Charisma carpenter, who played ‘Cordelia Chase’, servant of The Great Powers and who later joined the spin-off series Angel, astonished fans of the show with his strong revelations.

Through a statement, Carpenter referred to the abuse suffered by her by the director of the series, Joss Whedon. “For almost two decades I kept quiet and even made excuses for certain events that traumatize me to this day. Joss Whedon abused his power numerous times as we worked together on the sets of Buffy Y Angel“.

In the document, he detailed numerous occasions in which his acting increased the actress’s anxiety and her low empowerment in front of her colleagues. He even remembered that he sometimes called her “fat woman” on set, while she was four months pregnant.

She specified that, while she was pregnant, the director threatened to fire her and accused her of “Sabotage the show” for its state of pregnancy. He attacked her religious beliefs, asked her if she wanted to have the baby or not and, after a painful process, fired her in 2003 after giving birth.

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Carpenter at Angel | 20th Television

Following the statements by several of his colleagues, such as Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz (his co-star in Angel) and Michelle Trachtenberg supported her.

In the case of Gellar, the interpreter commented that “while I am proud that my name is associated with ‘Buffy Summers’, I don’t want to be forever associated with the name Joss Whedon. I am more focused on caring for my family and surviving a pandemic today, so I will not comment further at this time. But I’m with all the survivors of abuse and I’m proud of them for speaking out. “

For its part, Michelle stated that the work environment in Buffy it was horrible. “I am brave enough now as a 35 year old woman to post this. Because this has to be known. Being a teenager, he had inappropriate behavior, very inappropriate. And now people know what Joss did, ”he said.

“The last comment I will make on this. There was a rule that said Joss was not allowed to be alone with Michelle in a roomTrachtenberg concluded.

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Joss Whedon | Wikimedia Commons

But the avalanche of criticism against Whedon was not only limited to the cast of Buffy Y Angel. Own Gal gadot, who worked alongside the director on The Justice League (2017), stated that the executive “threatened me with my career and said that if I did something, it would make me have a miserable career; and I just took care of that. ” Apparently, the confrontation took place when Gadot refused to interpret the new script that Whedon had written for the film.

Michelle Trachtenberg’s new challenges

Today, the 35-year-old actress is still in force in Hollywood, taking part in attractive projects.

Precisely, one of them was the one that spread through his account on Instagram, where he commented to his more than 683 thousand followers that he was “excited to share that soon they will be able to see me as the host and executive producer of my new crime show based on real life Meet, Marry, Murder“.

The show is a 13-chapter series focused on turbulent marriages that ended in horrific homicides, which aim to capture the audience with their tragic details.

“I am a huge fan of the true crime documentary genre and have been searching for the right project to line up with. Work with FilmRise and FirstLookTV on Meet, Marry, Murder allows me to share this guilty pleasure with others ”, declared the artist last April, according to the media The Hollywood Reporter.

1621880058 689 Michelle Trachtenberg the current life of the former child star
Meet Marry Murder | FirstLookTV