Michelle Monaghan (Echos): how many children does she have?

Not all Hollywood stars expose their private lives. In the case of Michelle Monaghan, the actress and her husband are particularly discreet. She is the mother of two children. Details …

To refer to Hollywood is often to think of stars we know everything about. Moreover, it is not uncommon for some stars to expose their private lives to the delight of their fans. Only, not all stars do this. There are cases like that of Michelle Monaghan and her husband, Peter White, who put a real distance between their professional lives and their private lives. In the case of the actressMichelle Monaghan, she divulges little information about his private life, especially on his children. However, the beautiful actress of Impossible mission is the mother of two beautiful children.

After they met at a party in 2000, Michelle Monaghan and Peter White married in August 2005. From this relationship were born two beautiful children, a little girl and a little boy. The eldest, the little girl, is called Willow Katherine White. She was born on November 5, 2008. As for the little boy, his name is Tommy Francis White, and was born on October 30, 2013. Despite being discreet about their family life, the couple willingly talks with their fans. Moreover, the couple’s spokesperson had announced to Peoplethe birth of little Tommy in 2013 with: “They have welcomed their second child into the world.”

Michelle Monaghan has always wanted to have children

The 46-year-old actress reportedly always dreamed of having childrenaccording Here is. Moreover, the star had confessed that she loved children long before being a mother. “I love children and it’s something I’ve always wanted: become a mother and have children“, she confided. If this kind of desire passes after the first child, it was obviously not the case of Michelle Monaghan who realized one of her dreams. After all, she herself defined being a mother as being “Christmas all year round”. “It’s such a deep love. A few weeks ago I saw her uncovering her own toes. She wiggled them and her eyes got so big“, she explained just a few months after the birth of her daughter, Willow.

His beginnings were eventful

From the sign of Aries, Michelle Monaghan was born on March 23, 1976 in theIowa. The actress had did theater in high school before migrating to journalism when moving to Chicago. She was also model in order to finance his university studies. Only she decided to quit college to focus on modeling at New York. It’s in New York, on the small screen that she made her acting debut. As for his debut on the big screen, it was in 2001 in Perfume. From 2002, his face became familiar to the public in the series Boston Audience. She got her first role in 2005 in the movie kiss kiss bang bang. A role that launched his career.

Michelle Monaghan (Echos): how many children does she have?