Mia Threapleton: make way for Kate Winslet’s daughter

  • The young woman, 20, has starred in the movie ‘Shadows’ and is now filming a Czech series

  • Actress Kate Winslet unveiled her daughter’s debut promoting her new series, ‘Mare of Easttown’

Make way, here comes a new face. And although his face for now has gone quite unnoticed, he is already giving something to talk about. The reason? The young woman, Mia Threapleton, has artistic pedigree: it is the firstborn of the Oscar-winning performer Kate winslet and the film and theater director Jim Threapleton.

It is precisely the proud mother who has made her daughter’s debut globally known, of 20 years, when he was promoting his new series, ‘Mare of Easttown’, which recently premiered on the HBO platform. “I was suspicious of his interest in acting, and a few years ago he looked at me and said: ‘I think I’d like to give this profession a chance’ & rdquor ;, revealed the actress. “The wonderful thing is that the people who chose her had no idea that she was my daughter. That is essential for their self-esteem & rdquor ;, Winslet was quick to add in a television appearance.

Those who cast her for ‘Shadows’ had no idea that she was my daughter. That is fundamental for their self-esteem & rdquor ;, affirms the actress

An important detail, since following in the wake of other ‘sons of Hollywood & rdquor;, Mia Threapleton has explained that she wants to achieve success on her own merits and without the help of her parents. In fact, he assured that he had passed the auditions for his first film project, ‘Shadows‘, a horror story that takes place in an abandoned hotel in Ireland and is directed by the Italian Carlo Lavagna, anonymously: just using his father’s last name.

Sounded romance in the late 90s

But while it is true that this is not as famous among the general public as Winslet’s, it is behind the scenes of film studios, since its dad, Jim Threapleton, is another reference in the world of acting as a renowned film and theater director. He and Winslet starred in a sounded romance in the late 90s, since it coincided with the stardom of the actress, who had just given life to the unforgettable Rose in the film ‘Titanic’, which culminated in a wedding, the first of three for her.

Her father is the film and theater director Jim Threapleton, whom the actress married after her success in ‘Titanic’

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“I just finished the course and signed up for auditions. ‘Shadows’ was the first project I passed a test for and the first script I was offered to read. I couldn’t believe my luck. I read it and did not leave it, something that already means a lot because I am dyslexic, which means that I read slowly and carefully to find out everything & rdquor;, explained the young actress, who in the same interview also assured that during her childhood she could not pass She spent a lot of time with her mother due to the constant filming that she had on the agenda, and that, as she rarely frequented the sets, seeing her perform was “always a gift & rdquor ;. Nothing else is known about her personal life since, like her mother, she is very jealous of her privacy. So much so that does not have a public profile on social networks, a milestone for a twenty-something looking for fame.

Now it remains to be seen if he has inherited the family genius, and will manage to carve out a film career. For now, he is already working on a new project, a series for Czech television.