Mermaidcore: what is the mermaid style used by Shakira and Emma Watson

mermaid core mermaid style
The Mermaid core trend among the famous. Photo: Getty Images/AFP

We tell you what mermaidcore is, the new mermaid style that celebrities like Shakira and Emma Watson.

The live-action film of the Little Mermaid has revealed some trends that were needed, after the Mermaid Nails were a success in TikToknow comes the Mermaid corewe tell you more details about this.

Meet the Mermaidcore or mermaid style

One of the references of beauty is Emma Watsonsame as it arrives now with the Mermaid corea trend for the summer of 2023 and that with the passing of the months has gained more strength.

The maxi accessories with shells and sea snails arrive this season thanks to the actress in the new campaign for Prada Beauty‘Never the same, always myself’ (never the same, always myself), can be read in the description of his last photo on Instagram.

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The interpreter was announced in 2022 as the image of the firm and since then she has appeared in some campaigns and images in which she creates trends for her looks and style.

Precisely one of these publications for the Italian brand is the one in which she wears natural glowy makeup, wearing maxi necklaces and earrings along with a black leather jacket.

In it Mermaid core accessories stand out, from a top or hat for the beach or an evening event showing that we are in summer, if you wear neutral tones or garments with shells or snails, you will not fail to join this trend.

Another celebrity who does a very good job in this trend is Dua Lipawho has used ideal makeup to represent her, if you want to be like her you should use turquoise blue, lilac, white and bronze.

This makeup helps to emphasize the look since unusual colors and the correct use of shadows are used, generally two different ones blended along the eyelid. You can also put white shadow with glitter in the tear area.

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You can use more color on the lower lash line using a thin brush, this to have a shadow effect, but subtle. You can also use blue, purple or silver eyeliner and use the cat eye shape with a little glitter to highlight.

But as if that were not enough, in the Mermaid core hair also enters, used by Shakira for his music video for the song empty cup with Manuel Turizowhich has not yet come out, but the interpreter has already given a taste of what can be seen.

In the image Shakira appears as playing a mermaid with a green tail, while she wears long pink hair, without a doubt something very trendy and similar to the blue hair of Dua Lipa in the new Barbie tape.

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Mermaidcore: what is the mermaid style used by Shakira and Emma Watson