Megan Fox gets bloodied in harmless revenge thriller

Megan Fox in ‘Till Death. Until death do us part’.

The actress lives a nightmare because of a jilted husband in ‘Till Death. Until death do us part’

Borja Crespo

Megan Fox does not seem to have the pull of yesteryear since she decided to get off the ‘Transformers’ saga, without publicly knowing the true reason for her stampede. It is seen less, although it repeated with the Ninja Turtles, animated by infographics, and shone like a hypnotic muse in the vindicable ‘Zeroville’, the rarity directed by James Franco. His work on titles such as ‘The Dictator’ or ‘Jonah Hex’, the film adaptation of the comic, giving the replica to Josh Brolin and John Malkovich, did not have the desired repercussion. Nor did he regain momentum with ‘If It Were Easy’, under the orders of Judd Apatow, once the king of American comedy. Her role as a clerk in a clothing store did not give her enough scope to show off as much as in ‘Jennifer’s Body’, written by the Oscar-winning Devil “Juno” Cody, turned into a voracious undead.


Trailer for ‘Till Death. Until death do us part’.

Lately she has poked her head in ‘Midnight Maw’, premiered on Netflix nothing ago, and has shared the limelight with Bruce Willis himself in the expendable ‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’, but to see her as the queen of the absolute function – please , dispense with ‘La mercenaria’-, and take a complete overview of her filmography since her debut in’ Adventure in the Bahamas ‘, which was followed by’ I want to be superfamous ‘, you have to see her on the big screen in’ Till Death. Till death do us part ‘, this weekend’s premiere that targets the bloody thriller genre. Seen by these payments at specialized festivals such as the Maniatic de Manises (Valencia), she presents a spiteful husband who takes revenge on his unfaithful partner after a romantic evening that leads to a grotesque nightmare.

‘Till Death’ carries the weight of the action on Megan Fox, the seemingly ideal wife who suffers the revenge of her spiteful better half, who has concocted a Machiavellian plan that involves a long psychological torture before causing her death. Like a steel magnolia, the protagonist faces hitmen, among other surprises, while disheveled and filled with blood. He directs the newcomer SK Dale, which starts from an ingenious premise without a clear direction to offer the respectable an entertaining intrigue film, with some gruesome scenes, which does not make the most of its possibilities, by opting for the simplest route when it comes to open. It takes time to wake up, revealing itself as a telefilm shot with more media than usual in the format, erratic when it comes to fully pressing the accelerator. It does not burn all the gasoline.

Tension is as effective as it is routine. Some moments of offal and black humor elevate the fun of an apparent ensemble that the star of its striking main actress does not finish. The action scenes are discreet and it seems harmless next to ‘The trip’, a recent premiere – already available on Netflix – that could be seen in Sitges with which it shares some common points: sharp objects, a lot of hemoglobin, a lost house and a marriage in the last.

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Megan Fox gets bloodied in harmless revenge thriller