Megan Fox and her dress inspired by ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’

Megan Fox, best known for her participation in ‘Transformers’, attended the Met Gala with an incredible dress, which she confessed was inspired by a great character from literature and cinema.

After having a career that seemed to go uphill, we suddenly lost track of Megan Fox who, quietly, was disappearing from the spotlight and ceasing to appear in major Hollywood productions. However, the actress of Ninja Turtles She reappeared at this year’s Met Gala to cause a stir in her Dracula-inspired outfit in an attempt to look like a goth girl..

Social networks were ecstatic with the look that the protagonist of Transformers wore in the 2021 gala and it is not for less since she was one of the best dressed with that V-neckline and the cuts that showed her tattoos. When asked about her inspiration for the dress, she replied that Fox’s cinephilia did not surprise us. “QI wanted a dress that I had seen in Bram Stoker’s Dracula [de Fracis Ford Coppola]. I really like gothic things and vampires and so on.“he explained to Emma Chamberlain, who served as the Vogue correspondent at the gala.


Although he has appeared very happy and is more comfortable showing himself sensual, little is known about what is behind that figure. In an interview for CR Fashion Book, Fox confessed that he has been carrying a complicated family history, so at some point in his childhood he developed a severe eating disorder and manic depression: “They run in my family, so there was definitely a struggle with the chemical imbalance.”

Since when have you felt this way? According to the statements Megan gave, these feelings resonated more with her in 2009 when the tape was released Diabolic temptation, in which Jennifer, a beautiful cheerleader, becomes possessed by a bloodthirsty spirit when a marching band forces her to participate in a satanic ritual: “That’s what you see in Jennifer, that kind of nasty streak can exist if you you align with that ancient energy. “


For years we have witnessed how women can be segregated if they say something unfavorable about an important man in the industry. There are many cases in the film and television industry, like that of Katherine Heigl. Fox messed with Michael Bay, Director of Transformers, when comparing it with Hitler or Napoleon. After that she was fired from the franchise And the rest is history.

The also actress of Confessions of a Typical Adolescent revealed that she has a new mantra to live one day at a time, understanding that life is a series of moments, so she repeats herself: “I have been in this moment that has been very proactive and rewarding both emotionally and spiritually. I am very happy with this moment. Instead of rejecting it, I’m happy to accept it. “

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Added to that, Megan added that, in the middle of 2021, she feels much more comfortable assuming herself as a sensual woman: “I’m not afraid of being sexy, “Fox said. A woman who is smart and who also knows how to turn her beauty into a weapon, there is nothing more dangerous than that.. There is nothing more powerful than that. “

Hopefully this small but important comeback of Megan Fox at Met Gala 2021 make her career resurface as a phoenix and we’ll see her in more productions soon.

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