Mega Energie private sale: the cheapest electricity and gas contract?

Rarely do reductions reach more than 15% on the price per kilowatt hour of gas or electricity. The Mega Energie Private Sale allows this, and on both energies. Consumers want to pay reasonable bills while benefiting from quality services. When the customer has gas and electricity in his home, one of the first things to do is to take out a dual subscription, including electricity and gas from the same supplier.

This allows you to collect all your invoices in one place, simplifying procedures and saving money. Speaking of savings, that’s great because a private Mega Energy sale is running until May 31. The subscriber can thus benefit from an 18% discount on his gas and electricity bills. Explanation of this exceptional limited-time offer.

Last days of the Mega Energy private sale: 18% reduction with the dual offer

Landed on the French market at the end of 2018, the Belgian supplier Méga Énergie continues to emulate. It indeed offers offers low-cost, concerning both gas and electricity. It is also eco-responsible, the supplier only offering green electricity, certified by Guarantees of Origin. At the moment, Méga Énergie is marketing a rather attractive private sale offer. The customer can indeed benefit froma gas + electricity contract with an 18% discount on the price per kilowatt-hour excluding tax.

In terms of savings, the user is spoiled since the supplier considers that he can save up to € 254 per year on energy bills. This estimate is based on the model of a family of 4 people heated by gas. Depending on the energy consumption and the size of the household, the savings may be greater or lesser. In any case, it is urgent to look into this private Mega Energy sale because it is ending very soon, on May 31st.

Mega Energie dual offer

Mega Energy
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Rate/ month

01 82 82 61 15

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By looking a little more closely at the tariff schedule of the dual offer, it is clear that the savings on the price of kWh are quite significant.

  • Regarding electricity, if the customer chooses a power of 9 kVA, he will pay his subscription 12.67 € TTC per month. The price per kWh will be 14.03 € cts including tax instead of 16.26 € cts without the 18% reduction.
  • For the gas offer, at the Base or B0 tariff, the price of the subscription will be € 8.51 including tax per month. The price per kWh of gas will be 6.72 € cts including tax instead of 7.97 € cts.

In addition to these great reductions thanks to the Méga Énergie private sale, the customer benefits from 100% green electricity. It can therefore reconcile savings and ecology without any difficulty. The customer service associated with this offer is also 100% digital. The subscriber can therefore contact him via email or online chat. To subscribe to the offer, he can go directly to the internet page of the private sale by clicking on the photo above.

What to remember from the Mega Energy private sale:

  • a dual gas + electricity offer;
  • 18% reduction on the price of kWh HT;
  • 100% green electricity;
  • 100% digital customer service;
  • offer valid until May 31, 2021.
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Multiple gas and electricity offers at Méga Énergie including the Super contract with a 13% discount

Méga Énergie is a regular at these attractive private sales. At the moment, the dual offer is in the spotlight with its 18% discount, but the supplier regularly offers good deals on gas and electricity. Its energy offers are already enjoying good discounts in normal times. The Home offer offers 8% reduction, while the Super offer offers its customers a 13% discount, on gas or electricity.

Méga Énergie therefore markets two types of offers, Home and Super, which are distinguished by their reduction in kWh, but also by their means of communication. The Home offer offers an included telephone service while the Super offer offers 100% online customer service. This is slightly cheaper than the first formula and allows the customer to more savings on energy bills.

super mega energy offer

Mega Energy
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Rate/ month

02 90 22 53 54

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Without the Mega Energy private sale, the customer can still benefit from 13% reduction on the kWh HT of gas or electricity thanks to the Super offer. For a power of 9 kVA, he will therefore pay his electricity subscription € 15.17 incl. Tax per month. The price per kWh will be 14.65 € cts instead of 16.26 € cts. For gas, the subscription will be € 11.01 incl. Tax per month in the Base or B0 option. The price per kWh is 7.07 € cts including tax instead of 7.97 € cts. These tariffs are given as an indication but may vary according to the power subscribed.

Subscribing to Méga Énergie also means choosing competent and efficient customer service, and responsible electricity. As seen above, the supplier only offers green electricity. He wants to get involved in the energy transition and reduce your carbon footprint. Méga Énergie offers guarantees of origin and tries to establish direct energy purchase contracts with local producers, and therefore Belgian producers.

The Super offer is 100% digital, whether with gas or electricity, which also reduces costs and preserves the environment. No more unnecessary papers, everything is done online. The customer therefore benefits from a discounted rate, while retaining his advantages. He can thus manage your dual contract from your Méga Énergie customer area and contact customer service if there is a problem.

The important points of the dual Mega Energy offer:

  • a Super offer with 13% discount on the kWh HT of gas or electricity;
  • 100% digital formula;
  • green electricity and natural gas;
  • offer without obligation.
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