Matt Damon: the story of the actor who had various loves, married an Argentine and lost a fortune

The cinematographic history in U.S It is plagued with scandals, loves, divorces, fights, deaths and all kinds of situations that make it a kind of mecca, and in this particular world, men and women of flesh and blood stand out who stand out not only for their performance but for their Personal life.

One of them is the actor Matt Damon, who has endured success with failure or love with loneliness, and today he is one of the most requested characters in the world of Hollywood.

His history indicates that he studied at Harvard and was received in Literature but his passion for acting was stronger and by settling in Los Angeles, their successes were not long in coming, among them are “The Infiltrator”, “Ford vs Ferrari”, and the sagas “Ocean’s Eleven” Y “Jason Bourne”.

Like many of his colleagues in the cinema, Damon also knows the taste of failure since not all his films have been events, a clear example was “The Great Wall” (2016), a film that even her 15-year-old daughter does not understand why she made it: “It keeps my feet firmly on the ground. “

Matt Damon: His Loves

It was 1997 and at that time he fell in love with Minnie Driver while the two filmed “In search of destiny.” The actors formed one of the fashionable couples in Hollywood and had been nominated for an Oscar for his roles in said film, and he even took a statuette for the original script of that film with his friend Ben Affleck. A few months later, during an appearance on the popular show of the very same Oprah Winfrey, Damon told the cameras that he was single. Driver was caught off guard by that statement: “I found it fantastically inappropriate.”

Then to make matters worse between them came Winona Ryder, who ended up breaking the incipient courtship, since the actor left Driver for her. The scandal left him very exposed and the public turned their backs on him for having been unfaithful to his nice girlfriend.

Wynona Ryder, one of Matt Damon’s partners (File).

They say it was the actress Gwyneth Paltrow The one that played matchmaker between Ryder and Damon. The actors fell in love and appeared hand in hand at the Oscars in 1998. But the love was brief since months later, Matt and Winona were each by their side.

At that time, the tabloids began to link him to the Spanish Penelope Cruz, but he always denied those rumors despite the various photographs of the time showed them in a more than friendly situation.

“If you’re the cover couple, then you’re screwed. Don’t date a celebrity. I don’t think I can fall in love with a famous woman. I like that my lifestyle feels normal to me most of the time ”, was the warning that he left to the young actors. “These days I definitely only go out, as we say, with ‘civilians.’

True to his word, Damon ended up falling in love and raising a family with a woman who is far from the lights of Hollywood. Married to Argentina Luciana Barroso Since 2005, with whom he has four daughters, Damon leads a discreet life outside of the great Hollywood lights. He continues to cultivate his love for his native Boston, is a huge fan of the Red Sox baseball team, and in 2013 he received the Medal of Arts from Harvard, where he studied literature before landing his first role in 1988 in “Mystic Pizza”, movie starring Julia Roberts.

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Matt Damon met Luciana Barroso in 2003 (Archive).

With his love story with Luciana, he could write the script for a romantic comedy. It all started behind a bar counter in Miami, where the woman from Salta, then 24 years old and the mother of a girl, worked as a waitress.

Matt was shooting scenes for his movie, “Stuck on You”, in Florida. The 2003 comedy was supposed to be filmed in Hawaii, but the brothers Farrelly, who directed the film, moved it to Miami. In explaining the events that led to their first meeting, Matt told Ellen DeGeneres in 2011: “I don’t know how else our paths would have crossed if that hadn’t happened if all those things hadn’t happened.”

“One night in the middle of filming, a couple of guys from the crew said, ‘Let’s go have a beer somewhere.’ I said ‘I don’t feel like it’ and they kind of dragged me ”. They went to a bar, where Luciana worked. While Matt said it was love at first sight, Luciana’s version of what happened that night was a little different.

“I was working as a waitress in South Beach and he was shooting a movie there and the crew ended up at the bar on a Saturday night. Matt’s story is that he saw me across the room and there was a light on me. And I said, ‘Yes, it was a nightclub, there were lights everywhere’ ”, Luciana joked in statements to Vogue Australia.

Love at first sight

Meanwhile, Damon describes his instant crush on Luciana: “They say that something incredible happens to you when you meet the woman of destiny…, and so it was. I swear to God something indescribable happened to me. When I was in my early twenties, I wondered if I would ever be able to settle down or be single for life – an idea that made me uneasy. But I found the right person … and it was as if I was struck by lightning!

Matt went on to state in an interview: “Literally everything changed in my life. The idea of ​​losing my wife terrifies me. My life is so much easier because of my wife and my marriage. Everything makes sense”.

They were married on December 9, 2005, and their wedding was low-key as the couple did not want media, magazine covers, or celebrity guests. Instead, they exchanged rings in a private civil ceremony made in Manhattan.

The following year they enlarged the family: in 2006 he was born Isabella; Two years later, Gia Zavala, and in 2010, Stella. Matt also legally adopted Luciana’s daughter with her first husband. In 2013, the couple renewed their vows at a resort in Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean.

The family cultivates a low profile and is often seen together when they take vacations, although Luciana accompanies her husband to events and red carpets.

Controversial statements and abuses by Harvey Weinstein

All his efforts over the years not to attract too much attention seemed to crumble with his controversial statements in 2017 after the aberrational abuses committed by Harvey Weinstein (sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and sexual abuse) and in full explosion of the #MeToo movement.

“I think there is a range of behaviors, right? And we have to understand that there is a difference between patting someone on the ass and raping or abusing a child. Both behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they should not be put on the same level, right? ”, declared the Oscar winner in an interview with ABC News. But that was not all. He also asserted that the complaints were about completely isolated cases: “There are a lot of men, most of whom I’ve worked with, who don’t do this kind of thing.”

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Harvey Weinstein, a bad company for Matt Damon (Archive).

These statements generated annoyance in the public and in Hollywood for his lack of sensitivity at a time when many women, after years of silence, had stepped forward to denounce countless episodes of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood.

Criticized by actresses like Alyssa Milano or his ex-girlfriend Minnie Driver. Damon backed off, apologized, and made a promise: “I am really sorry. Many of these women are dear friends of mine, and I love, respect and support them in what they are doing. I should sit in the back seat and shut my mouth for a while. “

“Dear Matt Damon we are not outraged that someone grabbed our ass in a photo. We are outraged that they made us feel that this was normal. We are outraged that we were silenced for a long time ”, Milano replied.

Damon was one of the first names that came out when the media claimed that several stars knew of Weinstein’s actions but preferred to look the other way.

Matt Damon: in front of the gay community

At a press conference in 2015, Damon he came out in favor of gay actors staying in the closet. Later, in an interview with the presenter Ellen DeGeneres claimed that his comments had been misinterpreted by the press and that he was only saying “That actors are more effective when they are a mystery.”

It would not be the first or the last time that the actor would be forced to publicly apologize for talking too much. At the beginning of the year he made headlines for openly telling that one of his daughters taught him not to use homophobic insults. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Damon shared that “a few months ago” stopped using the word “Faggot” (fag), a pejorative term used in English to refer to homosexuals, after his daughter asked him not to do it anymore.

A $ 280 million mistake

Passing by Cannes film festival to present your film “Stillwater”, from Tom McCarthy, Damon made it known that he turned down the lead role of “Avatar”, one of the great successes of the filmmaker James Cameron, despite the fact that the director made him a more than tempting offer.

“They offered me a little movie called ‘Avatar’, James Cameron offered me 10% of it”, the American actor told Deadline. And he stated with humor: “I will go down in history. They will never meet an actor who has turned down more money. “

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“Avatar”, the film that the actor refused to make (Illustrative image).

Finally, the main role fell into the hands of the hitherto unknown Australian interpreter Sam Worthington, who starred in the sci-fi movie alongside Zoe Saldana, Joel David Moore, Stephen Lang Y Sigourney Weaver, among others. The movie was a box office boom, grossing $ 2.8 billion worldwide, meaning the actor would have pocketed $ 280 million.

Damon explained that he declined the job offer of the director of “Titanic” because he was shooting one of the productions of the popular and successful Jason Bourne franchise and decided to be faithful to one of the characters that has most marked his career. However, he confessed that all those lost millions have not been what he most regrets about that matter. “James Cameron works very little. It gives the feeling that you have done more. I realized that by saying no, I was missing the only opportunity to work with him. “

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Matt Damon: the story of the actor who had various loves, married an Argentine and lost a fortune