Matrix 4: a theory about the character of Neil Patrick Harris

Matrix 4 is eagerly awaited by all fans of the saga, fans who ask themselves a thousand questions about the plot of this new part. And even more since the publication of the first video teaser. Exactly, a theory is circulating at the moment about the character played by Neil Patrick Harris.

The announcement of the fourth installment of the franchise came as a surprise. A big surprise, even. Even more after the reception – mixed – reserved for the last two components and the many criticisms which they paid the price.

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But so it is, Matrix 4 is a reality and the film will hit all theaters at the end of the year.

Please note, this article potentially addresses spoilers related to the script of the new section. If you want to keep the surprise intact, then it will be better to stop there.

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Matrix 4, we take the same ones and we start again

Matrix 4, as you probably already know, will mark the return to the big screen for many of the characters from the original trilogy.

Neo will thus be present, always embodied by Keanu Reeves. The same will be true for Carry-Anne Moss who will put on Trinity’s leather suit, and for several other key characters in the universe. Morpheus, for his part, will be present, but he will not be played by the same actor.

But in parallel with all these headliners, it will also be necessary to count on new faces. And especially on Neil Patrick Harris. The actor, revealed by the excellent How I Met Your Mother, will indeed play the therapist of Neo. At least that of the Matrix.

And this is where things get very interesting. Some fans believe that this character will be more important than we think. According to their theory, this famous therapist would actually be… the Architect.

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But who is Neo’s shrink really?

You know if you’ve watched the first three installments of the saga, but the Architect is a bit of a dark counterpart to the Oracle. He is the one who makes every effort to allow the Matrix to continue to exist.

However, a therapist has a very important role with his patients. Over the course of therapy, a relationship of trust inevitably develops. Becoming the therapist of the Chosen One would therefore be an excellent way to control him and ensure that he stays in the nails … and that the Anomaly does not occur again.

But above all, we know that the Architect has a very special relationship with Neo. If his role is to muzzle him, he can’t help but develop a fascination with him. By playing the role of his therapist, he would therefore make sure to better understand this anomaly that he cannot contain.

Still, at this stage, it is a simple rumor. And we will have to wait for the film to confirm it.

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