Marvel’s Worst Failure That Ryan Reynolds Took 12 Years To Overcome

It took the actor a dozen years to play a successful superhero. All the failed attempts of him.

Superhero movies didn’t make it easy for Ryan Reynolds. The actor took 12 years to find a character loved and accepted by the public after three failed attempts in the genre.

While others like Hugh Jackman, Wesley Snipes, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth only had one movie, Reynolds had to go through some stages of embarrassment in order to succeed in the most popular corner of Hollywood in recent years.

His debut, perhaps the least remembered, was the worst of all. Is in Blade: Trinitythe film that closes the Marvel Comics vampire trilogy starring Snipes.

Ryan Reynolds, known, among other things, for playing Wade Wilson in Deadpool. Photo: REUTERS

Blade: Trinity, released in 2004, was a disappointment both critically and at the box office. It has extremely low percentages of reviews on specialized websites, such as Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic, and it was by no means a box office success: it barely doubled the original budget of 65 million dollars.

In the film by the writer of The Dark Knight (paradoxically, there is some agreement that this is one of the best superheroes of the century), Reynolds plays Hannibal Kingone of the Nightstalkers, which is a gang of vampire hunters.

Hannibal, his character in Blade: Trinity.

Hannibal, his character in Blade: Trinity.

After his first collaboration with Marvel, Reynolds participated in several films of greater and lesser resonance that had nothing to do with the world of superheroes until X-Men: Originsone where his work as wade wilson something would go unnoticed.

In favor of the 2009 film: on the set, Ryan became good friends with Hugh Jackman and met Scarlett Johanssonthe famous actress who would later be his wife.

Wade Wilson's first appearance similar to Deadpool in 2009.

Wade Wilson’s first appearance similar to Deadpool in 2009.

In 2011, Reynolds would make the leap to DC (Marvel’s “against”), in what would be his third foray into the overcast universe. There he starred Green Lanternhis most memorable failure, a source of inexhaustible ridicule during the successful stage that would come later.

Teasing that even the actor himself starred in. One of them, in fact, appears at the end of one of the Deadpool movies, where the superhero Reynolds plays sees the actor (also Reynolds) reading the Green Lantern script and shoots him in the head.

Also, in a tweet about the film’s arrival on Apple TV, the actor told a user to stay away from the film.

Green Lantern, the character that Ryan wants to forget.

Green Lantern, the character that Ryan wants to forget.

Finally in 2016, with the premiere of dead poolReynolds would step (finally) very strong in the universe of superheroes.

There he would play Wilson again, the same character as in the 2009 mutant movie, and he would surprise the world with the black and violent humor of the antihero.

That film was indeed a success with the public and critics: it has, for example, a good 85 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and grossed more than 782.6 billion dollars having spent 58.

Deadpool, the antihero who gave him the only recognition he needed.

Deadpool, the antihero who gave him the only recognition he needed.

Deadpool would get a good sequel in 2018 and the promotion of a third part scheduled for 2024.

Together in Deadpool 3

Reynolds and Jackman will be Deadpool and Wolverinesrespectively, in Deadpool 3, the highly anticipated film that will bring them together in theaters after fifteen years.

The actors, who became close friends when they worked together on X-Men: Origins (their only film together), will take advantage of Deadpool’s connection to the X-Men to break box offices in September 2024.

In a hilarious video alluding to their historic “fights,” Reynolds and Jackman promise to answer a lot of questions about the upcoming movie, but in the end they don’t make anything very clear… The hype is -for their fans- inevitable.

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Marvel’s Worst Failure That Ryan Reynolds Took 12 Years To Overcome