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The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand and will do so in places you might not expect. One of the future projects of the UCM that could arrive in the following years is Ghost Rider and although at the moment everything is a “rumor that the insidersActor Norman Reedus is beginning to give his fans hope. ¿Daryl de The Walking Dead will be the next Jhonny Blaze?

This new micro piece of information that makes up the great puzzle of Marvel Studios came from the renowned Insider Charles Murphy. The blogger assured that Disney executives were already looking for someone to embody the next driver from hell, but that no one has been chosen for the role at the moment.

Fans of Ghost Rider They immediately began to suggest some actors and of course the name of Norman Reedus came into the conversation, an actor who often plays tough motorcycle roles. The theme of Reedus as the new Ghost Rider would have remained a simple game, but social networks did not count on the actor reading the conversation around him and just by giving some “likes”To the photos that related him to the Marvel antihero, the alerts have been turned on.

The character’s appeal has been demonstrated before with the arrival of two movies starring Nicolas Cage, but they were made long before the MCU’s consolidation, so Ghost Rider was just off the radar. However Disney and Marvel Studios could bring it back with a reboot, just like they did with Blade who will now be played by Mahershala Ali.

It should be noted that there are at least 14 different versions of Ghost Rider not counting the better known Johnny Blaze and all of them are located at different times and having different proportions, including a cosmic Ghost Rider and even a prehistoric one. The stories about this fire rider are countless and Marvel Studios could bring them all very soon. Who do you like for the next Rider?


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Marvel Studios would be looking for the next Ghost Rider and Norman Reedus arouses suspicions | Spaghetti Code