Marvel: Chris Hemsworth thought Thor was kicked out of the MCU

We regularly evoke actor Chris Hemsworth in our articles right now, especially to tell you about his impressive physical training for Thor : Love and Thunder. Today, we will rather focus on the past and not the future, since we have just learned that the actor was very scared thinking that Thor had previously been kicked out of the MCU.

Thor in the MCU movies

Until the 13th MCU movie, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor had previously been headlining several films, and the character was only doing gain popularity.

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Chris Hemsworth is an actor particularly followed on the networks, what is more (it counts today 51 million followers on Instagram). So nothing prepared the actor not to appear in a particularly important film for the MCU, published in 2016.

A very noticeable absence

In the new book The Story of Marvel Studios : The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth recalled that he believed that Thor’s absence in Civil War meant her character was wiped out entirely from the MCU. The actor recalls going on a press tour for Avengers : L’Ere d’Ultron and having heard the team evoke Civil War.

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Disconcerted, Chris Hemsworth then asked: “What is Civil War?”. After learning more about the film, Hemsworth decided to speak directly with Marvel Studios. The actor declares :

I asked : “Are you doing a side project or something?”. They told me : “Oh no, Captain America, see? Next is Civil War”. I said, Wait … is Iron Man in it? “. And I am told, “Yeah, and it’s not just Iron Man. There’s Vision. There’s Spider-Man …” Marvel told me: “You do your own thing”. I said to myself : “This is it. I’m in the process of getting eliminated.”

The studio still tried to appease Hemsworth’s fears, and Ruffalo confirmed that he was also not approached to appear in Civil War. The absence of these two Avengers heavyweights aroused astonishment, and many people then wondered “But what are Thor and Hulk doing?”. Marvel answered this burning question in a short film titled Team Thor. Directed by Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnarok, this short film shows the Avenger vacationing in Hemsworth’s native Australia, the superhero doing “ordinary things” with some “ordinary people”.

And if you want to know the absurd reason why Chris Hemsworth almost lost his role as Thor, you can consult our previous article on the subject.

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Marvel: Chris Hemsworth thought Thor was kicked out of the MCU