Marvel: Chris Hemsworth Said What He Looked Like To Thor


It will be released on July 7 Thor: Love and Thunder. From Spoiler we were present at the press conference with the entire cast of the film.

Thor: Love and Thunder will arrive on July 7.©IMDBThor: Love and Thunder will arrive on July 7.

In just a few days, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will have a new movie in theaters. It is Thor: Love and Thunderdirected by Taika Waititithe person responsible for Thor: Ragnarokand who is counting on the return of Natalie Portman in the casting, in the skin of mighty thor. As we know, it will partly adapt the story in which Jane Foster is diagnosed with cancer and will have Cap the butcher as the main villain.

Last Friday, disney hosted the press conference with the entire main cast, Waititi and the president of wonder, Kevin Feig. spoilers was present at the virtual event where those involved talked about the filming of the film and the future of the saga born in 2008 with Hierro’s Man. The first question of the conference aimed to Chris Hemsworth and it had to do with his similarities to the character he plays.

In your question, the host underline hemsworth only next door Thor practically grew up together, then asked her with “what qualities of Thor” felt more identified. The actor pointed out that the arrival of Taika Waititi turned it on and said: “He brought the immature, young, adolescent quality that I represent. And now Thor He does it too, like he didn’t in the original movies, which is exciting and new and fresh. »assured.

On the other hand, he pointed out that’s what the movie was always about, occupying space “in the same way that a boy would like to be amazed and fascinated by everything”. He also noted that he liked not being so caught up in the “serious” to shoot a film and that personally he considers that these films as Thor: Love and Thunder ‘must be fun’ and that’s what they did. “That’s what I identify with, that’s what Taika he insisted and it was fun”he concluded.

+The version of Thor that Chris Hemsworth most resembles

Immediately after asking about the qualities of Thor with which he felt identified, the host he consulted Chris Hemsworth why version of everything seen from the god of thunder in the MCU was the one who identified him the most, only to point out later that in his opinion it was the « thor party» we saw in ” What if…? ». Laughing, the actor noted: ” Yes of course. You should have seen us a few hours ago. »alluding to the film’s world premiere party.

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Marvel: Chris Hemsworth Said What He Looked Like To Thor