Martin Lawrence shot inside Will Smith’s Ferrari

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are one of the most emblematic duos that the seventh art has left us thanks to their performances in Bad Boys. From here we remember one of the most memorable scenes in the film when Lawrence shoots inside the Philadelphia-born actor’s Ferrari.

The first installment of bad boys It arrived in cinemas around the world in 1995. Will Smith he left aside -just for a moment- his character in the series “Fresh Prince” and got into the skin of Detective Michael Eugene “Mike” Lowrey to do with Martin Lawrence one of the best duos that the seventh art has given us.

The success of this film directed by Michael Bay led to the production working on a second installment. thus was born Bad Boys II with a renewed cast but in which Smith and Lawrence continued to set the tone throughout the plot. ANDn one of the most memorable scenes of this second part has a Ferrari as the protagonist.

“Syd”, Lawrence’s sister in the film, and who was played by the actress Gabriella Union, maintains a kind of romance with the character of Smith throughout the entire tape. A few minutes into this second part, Syd is forced to flee from some murderers and one of the most exciting chase scenes in Hollywood history takes place.

This scene was the most expensive in the film -according to the words of the director- and its main axis is a Ferrari 575 M, a two-seater supercar worth 220 thousand dollars. Throughout the shots, a shootout unfolds in which Lawrence’s character gets carried away by nerves and shoots inside the vehicle itself to the disbelief of the Mike Lowrey.

This was Will Smith’s Ferrari

In the end, and for the good of all the main characters, the chase ends with everyone safe but the damaged Ferrari. This model from the Italian manufacturer has the particularity of bearing in its name the initial of the area where the brand is located: ‘M’ for Maranello. It has a 5.7-liter V12 engine capable of producing about 540 hp of maximum power to reach 325 kilometers of maximum speed.

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Martin Lawrence shot inside Will Smith’s Ferrari