Mark Wahlberg’s incredible physical transformation for his next film

A fan of chocolate bars and protruding biceps, Mark Wahlberg opts for a well rounded bottle for his film project. The mirrored wardrobe from Hollywood action movies flaunts an amazing physique on social media:

Slumped in his bed, he gives a glimpse of his extra pounds. According to Allocine, the actor gained 10 kilos in three weeks for his role in Father Stu, adapted from real events. He will play a boxer who became a priest after surviving a very violent motorcycle accident. Do you find these pictures impressive? They would only be a glimpse of what it will have to look like to camp the miraculous: Mark Wahlberg will have to take another 10 kilos more to slip into the skin of the pious hero.

The film will be directed by Rosalind Ross, a young American screenwriter best known for sharing the life of Mel Gibson. For her debut behind the camera, the director offered the role of the father of Mark Wahlberg’s character to Mel Gibson and that of his girlfriend to Teresa Ruiz, one of the headliners of Narcos: Mexico.

A project in the pipeline for a long time

Expected for 2022, the biopic would be a project that Mark Wahlberg has been trying to mount for seven years, reports the Hollywood Reporter. Trying a boxing career then an acting career in Los Angeles, the hero of the story explains having found his faith during his stay in the hospital, after being struck by a car on a motorcycle, then run over by another vehicle. .

With this survivalist scenario, it is certain that the actor will evolve from anger to peace, while conveying the theme of surpassing oneself. For his transformation, we imagine that the actor follows a very specific diet and that he is followed by a coach. Already in 2020, the actor had shared his daily routine timed to the nearest half hour, mainly centered around sport and food: