June 15, 2021

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Mark Wahlberg unrecognizable after his weight gain, discover his transformation

Mark Wahlberg unrecognizable after his weight gain discover his transformation

Through Benoit Desaint

Known to be a great athlete, Mark Wahlberg has shown himself in poor physical shape on Instagram. An impressive weight gain undertaken by the actor for the role he will play in his next film Father Stu.

Mark Wahlberg reveals his impressive physical transformation

When we talk about Mark Wahlberg, we necessarily think of his muscular and drawn physique that he sports during his many films in the cinema, No Pain No Gain on your mind. To achieve this result, the actor follows an extraordinary daily routine that he had unveiled in detail recently. But as he approaches his new role in Father Stu, where he will play a former boxer turned priest, the Hollywood star has embarked on an impressive transformation to best stick to his character.

20 kilos more in a few weeks

Like Will Smith who had shown himself out of shape after a year of confinement, Mark Wahlberg shared the images of his weight gain on Instagram. In a few weeks, he went from a physique worthy of that of Zac Efron when he was at 5% body fat, to a lambda body with a well-assumed “dad bod”. In total, the actor reveals that he gained more than 10 kilos of fat for the role, and that he was going to take another 10 more. A barely believable physical transformation that is reinforced by the before / after effect of the photos he has chosen to post.

And a few days ago, Mark Wahlberg was spotted on the set of Father Stu, revealing even more about his incredible transformation.

Mark Wahlberg unrecognizable after his weight gain discover his transformation
Mark Wahlberg on the set of Father Stu Twitter

But there is no doubt that the actor will be able to regain control at the end of the shooting to find the monstrous physique that was his there is still some time.

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