Mark Wahlberg compares himself to Van Damme sporting abs and workout

  • Mark Wahlberg it looks ABS (and physical transformation) in his last post on Instagram, and explains that he is doing it “as Jean Claude Van Damme”. How does the Belgian respond and what is his training?
  • Mark Wahlberg eats 7,000 calories a day to gain 13 kg in 6 weeks.
  • Mark Wahlberg and his physical transformation in 3 weeks … What a change in weight!

    “If you want to know why I’m dressed like this, and I look like this Jean Claude Van Damme… ”Thus he speaks Mark Wahlberg in her latest Instagram post – about her last TV show – looking ABS and that physical transformation that he is carrying out in recent weeks, and the Belgian has loved it. Will it also be delivered to training martial arts, or was it just a joke?

    Well who knows and what does it matter, at least for JCVD. “Thank you, I take this as a compliment from a great star who looks like he has been training a lot,” writes the Belgian, sharing Wahlberg’s video on his own profile. “You’re great,” he compliments.

    Mark Wahlberg and his physical transformation

    And it is that less than a month ago, Mark Wahlberg He told Jimmy Kimmel that he planned to put on 50 pounds in six weeks for a movie role, joking that he would do so by enjoying a bowl of 20-piece chicken nuggets and 20 Kentucky Fried Chicken hot wings with a six-pack of beers. “. But what’s not a joke is the actor’s physical transformation and weight shift in just three weeks for his next role as boxer-turned-priest in the movie Father Stu. And if not, take a look.

    Since May 1, the actor has put on 20 pounds of muscle on his fitness journey, and he still hasn’t stopped. “From this, three weeks ago, to this, now,” Wahlberg posted on Instagram a few or days ago, with a before and after photo … First as a boxer, and then lying in bed without wanting to do anything , and visibly out of shape.

    On May 1, Wahlberg also posted an update on her transformation for the role in an Instagram video. He still has his famous six-pack when flexed, but ditches it to show his progress in the film role. “I have uploaded about 20,” the post captioned. “I’m going to upload another 20. Yes, it’s for a role.” He speaks in pounds, which equates to about 9 kilos.

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