Margot Robbie kept one of Harley Quinn’s weapons

Visibly attached to her character embodied during three films, Margot Robbie has kept a small memory of Harley Quinn. This is a weapon that his character really appreciates!

Margot Robbie kept a little souvenir © Warner Bros.

Despite the very poor reviews of Suicide Squad (2016), a character pulled out of the game. This is the ex-girlfriend of the Joker in the DCEU, harley quinn. A character interpreted by Margot Robbie who was quickly entitled to her spin-off called Birds of Prey. Until a winning return in the (very good) The Suicide Squad by James Gunn.

Inevitably, fans remain very attached to the actress as Harley Quinn. A love that Margot Robbie also has for Harley Quinn. Interviewed by Elle, she reveals that she kept a filming prop belonging to her character! And it is… a weapon.

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A baseball bat next to the bed!

Image 2: Margot Robbie kept one of Harley Quinn's weapons
An iconic baseball bat! © Warner Bros.

It’s in Suicide Squad Harley Quinn is coming to leave Belle Reve for a new life without the Joker in Birds of Prey. Later, Margot Robbie’s character returns on a mission with Task Force X in The Suicide Squad. The opportunity to collaborate with Ratcatcher, Bloodsport or King Shark.

If fans appreciate Margot Robbie so much in Harley Quinn, it’s because the actress has been able to bring her a real breath of fresh air. In particular by its look which inspires cosplayers all over the world! Among the weapons used by the character, we find a baseball bat.

During her interview for Elle, Margot Robbie confides precisely keeping the baseball bat of his character! The actress says: I have my Harley Quinn baseball bat. Next to my bed. Just in case someone does the mistake of breaking into my house. He would regret it “.

We imagine that the message got through!

Another performer for Harley Quinn

Image 3: Margot Robbie kept one of Harley Quinn's weapons
Lady Gaga will also play Harley Quinn © Warner Bros.

Let the fans be reassured, the DCEU already proves that there can be several versions of the same character. The proof with Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck who embody, at the same time, different versions of Batman. In addition to Margot Robbie, Lady Gaga will play Harley Quinn in joker 2 which will be a musical.

Margot Robbie even shared his joy to see Lady Gaga camping, like her, this emblematic character of DC Comics.

As for James Gunn, after The Suicide Squadthe director wishes once again lead Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

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Margot Robbie kept one of Harley Quinn’s weapons