Margot Robbie in the same Versace dress as Carla Bruni: a size difference shocks internet users!

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Passionate about fashion, Pauline is always on the lookout for the latest trends. From the lives of people to the latest cinema releases, nothing escapes him. If she does not spend her time watching or criticizing a series, it is on social networks that she spends her time scrutinizing the slightest scoop.

In full promotion of “Babylon”, Margot Robbie continues to cause a sensation on the red carpets. On Monday, January 16, at the Sydney premiere of the film, the 32-year-old actress opted for a personalized Versace vintage dress already worn by… Carla Bruni!

An icon, a legend… Carla Bruni’s fashion heritage will therefore never perish. The former first lady has posed and paraded for the older ones and inspires the older ones as well. It’s in Sydney at the film’s premiere babylon that Margot Robbie made a splash on the red carpet in her custom Versace gown. Carla Bruni had worn the same dress long before her, during an event at the Ritz in 1995. The original dress, however, was devoid of red lace at the slit and was much more sober. The stylist’s idea of Margot RobbieKate Young, to have added red lace to the silver corset dress was not unanimous.

Already mocked for her style which does not often highlight her on her social networks, Margot Robbie has once again received the wrath of internet users after this remarkable appearance at the preview in her native country.

Carla Bruni has not finished talking about her. Often compared to famous model Bella Hadid because of their stunning resemblance, her timeless looks still cause a stir. The former first lady, very active on social networks, shared a photo of her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy, a few days ago. Identified many times on Instagram following Margot Robbie’s last red carpet, the 55-year-old singer and model did not comment on this splendid tribute made while she was still in full concert with Les Enfoirés in Lyon.

Margot an icon but not a fashion icon

Nobody is perfect ! You can’t be a good actress AND a savvy stylist. For Margot Robbie fashion will wait. Her fans have nevertheless tried to find excuses for her sometimes questionable style. ” I have a firm belief that Margot Robbie’s stylist is an elementary school girl out to get revenge on Margot Robbie, there’s no other reason for her to dress like that.” writes a user. Others accuse the Chanel brand, of which Margot Robbie is the ambassador, of wanting to sabotage her career. “Margot Robbie is gorgeous when she’s not wearing Chanel“, launched another Internet user.

What is the height for an actress devoid of style (according to her fans)? It is to interpret a fashion icon. Indeed, the Australian actress plays the role of THE most famous fashionista in the world… Barbie! The film directed by Greta Gerwig will be released on July 20 in theaters, starring Ryan Gosling, Emma Mackey (Sex Education) or Simu Liu (shang chi).

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Margot Robbie in the same Versace dress as Carla Bruni: a size difference shocks internet users!