Margot Robbie (‘Amsterdam’): “People will be surprised to see such a funny Christian Bale”

A David O Russell He is passionate about bringing together as many stars as possible in his work, as we could see in ‘The great American scam‘, ‘The good side of things‘ either ‘fighter‘, with fetish actors and actresses of the stature of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams or course, Christian bale. The actor, who recently premiered at the Marvel Cinematic Universe playing Gorr in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘, stars ‘amsterdam‘, a period romantic thriller alongside margot robbie Y John David Washington. But the thing does not end there, this stellar triumvirate heads a cast made up of names like Anya Taylor-Joy, Andrea Risborough, Chris Rock, Michael Shannon, Mike Myers, Robert DeNiro, Taylor Swift, rami maleck either Zoe Saldana. Almost nothing. With Malek and Robbie we have had the opportunity to speak in an interview with eCartelera.

Actor and actress, who play two brothers in fiction, Tom and Valerie Voze respectively, have broken down their characters as well as the process of building them. “Of course, history is fascinating, learning from these bits of history that a lot of people don’t know about and they’re there in the movie. For Valerie and I, that was secondary to her art and exploring it was a lot of fun. Really, no I had been seriously trying to make art ever since I was in high school.”explains the Oscar-nominated actress for ‘I, Tonya‘ Y ‘The Scandal (Bombshell)‘. Her character Valerie has all kinds of talents: she works with metals, she paints, she dances. To explain this character development, Robbie recounts the bizarre experiences she had: He was welding metal, making masks, all kinds of weird stuff. I got in touch with people in the most random countries. There was a girl in a totally casual country who made shadows with her hands and was writing to me during the pandemic. There was another guy in India who would X-ray people who had deformities or shrapnel embedded in their brains, or weapons, or babies. I know I’m sounding like a complete weirdo right now.”he joked.

For his part, Malek, who won an Oscar for his role as Freddie Mercury in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘, he also made a joke about his relationship in ‘Amsterdam’: “I don’t think anyone sees us first and thinks we can play two brothers. That was a concern at first, but I think after seeing the movie, it turned out really well. It was pretty instinctive and super easy.”. At the same time, Malek declares that Tom’s character wants to resemble his sister in some way: “He’s very instinctive, magical, ethereal. The kind of person who can light up a room and live life to the fullest. I would say there are aspects of Tom where he wishes he was that person to some extent. So he has to figure out other ways to play to his own strengths. That was a difficult thing for me to discover, but once I did I felt very strong.. In addition, Robbie noted an anecdote that reaffirmed the good dynamics within the shoot: “It was funny because we started doing scenes where we were talking more and then you had Anya (Taylor-Joy) pretending to be Tom’s wife. It created this kind of energy with her character when she was like, ‘Tom, Valerie doesn’t always have that!’ reason!'”.

A very special comedy

‘Amsterdam’ brings together various genres, including the historical, the thriller, the romantic and, of course, the comedy. Robbie has pointed out that it is an important point within the film, as in the rest of the director’s works: There is a lot of comedy, and in a very particular tone that David O. Russell movies often have. They are usually populated with quirky characters who are very endearing. I think it’s a great trick to have on the screen that not everyone gets. He does it his way. Even the weirdest or most potentially obnoxious characters, he makes them so charming and hilarious.”and launches a bet on the future, “I think people are going to be surprised to see such a funny Christian Bale. You also have Mike Myers, who is known for his comedies, and Michael Shannon, who is known for his dramas. You put them together and it’s just amazing, it’s explosive. my favorite things from the movie.

‘Amsterdam’ opens in Spanish cinemas next October 28.

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Margot Robbie (‘Amsterdam’): “People will be surprised to see such a funny Christian Bale”