Mandy Moore is eating her placenta: why you shouldn’t imitate her

“Made by you, for you. Full of your placenta and lots of love.” This is the description on the outside of the pill bottle (the encapsulated placenta) that actress Mandy Moore is taking after giving birth to her second child, Oscar.

Mandy Moore eats her placentaSource: Instagram

It’s not the second time he’s done it. According to the photo that she has shared on her Instagram stories, she already ate his own placenta after his first. Birth And now he has repeated the act. “Second round”, he has specified in the same place where he names the company that has been in charge of dehydrating and encapsulating the organ that has protected his son during the nine months that he has been in the womb.

In fact, he has never had a problem talking about it. A few years ago she commented on a podcast that, in fact, she took her own placenta after her first child and that “It was very beautiful”so I would like to try it again.

Mandy Moore is far from the only celebrity who has already joined the practice known as placentophagy. Others like Kim Kardashian, Hilary Duff, Eva Luna or Nikki Reed also did the same. In fact, the act is gaining more and more followers.
But why do many women decide to ingest the placenta after giving birth? The alleged benefits they argue is that this fact helps balance hormones to protect the mental health of the depression postpartum, it helps to recover the body after giving birth and restores iron levels that, as we know, fall to a minimum in the postpartum period. Nevertheless, scientific and expert opinion is quite different.

In fact, doctors never tire of repeating that it is a very dangerous practice.

Why you shouldn’t eat the placenta after giving birth

In fact, in the same investigation several risks are already established that are proven:

  • Risk of exposing the baby to vertically transmitted infections through breastfeeding
  • Risk of the mother developing thromboembolism due to the estrogen content of the organ

And it is that, we must remember that the only function of the placenta is to protect the baby from viruses and bacteria that may come from outside during its stay in the uterus. Once the baby is born, the placenta also comes out and, of course, it does so with all those viruses and bacteria that it has ‘trapped’ throughout the pregnancy.

If we can’t eat the placenta, why do some animals eat it?

This practice has spread, especially with the excuse that many animals eat their own placenta after giving birth. This is the case of dogs, for example. But, although the reason they do it is very different from the reason women supposedly eat it.

The causes that lead some animals to ingest the placenta are not entirely clear, although it is suspected that there are two main reasons:

  • Prevent predators from accessing the nest due to the smell of organ decomposition
  • Calm the mother’s hunger after giving birth

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Mandy Moore is eating her placenta: why you shouldn’t imitate her