Mandy Moore and her radical change of look after becoming a mother | News –

Almost three months ago Mandy moore debuted in motherhood with the birth of a child August harrison, fruit of her marriage to the musician Taylor goldsmith. At the beginning of this important stage in her life, the singer wanted to renew her image with a completely different look, since she has ceased to be a beautiful brunette to become a spectacular blonde. “I have been longing for a much needed change. I really felt that now was the perfect time to do something different, as the world is seemingly opening up again. “, the interpreter commented in an interview with People, also referring to the situation that prevails around the world with the pandemic, when vaccination seems to illuminate the panorama more and more. “Normality feels like it’s just around the corner”he commented. But beyond what is lived in the world, the special moment that he lives personally has been an enormous motivation to give a radical turn to his image. “With this new chapter in my life, I felt like it was the right time for a hair change. The color feels indicative of how exciting and hopeful people are”, He assured. Although Mandy is usually identified with a brown hair, the truth is that throughout her life she has experimented with different tones and style: red hair, chocolate, Californian highlights and of course blonde, although many years ago, when He was not even 20 years old. “I have found that I enjoy being a bit of a chameleon. That is the fun part that I have found in my personal kind of journey as a woman. “he admitted. After becoming a mom at the end of February, Mandy attended her first red carpet last Sunday at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, an event where she looked gorgeous in a yellow dress.