Mad Max: Tom Hardy is excited about Imperator Furiosa spin-off

Mad Max: Fury Road O Fury road, the rebirth of George Miller’s post-apocalyptic saga, was one of the films most Oscar-winning and applauded of their time. Due to his irreproachable success, it is well known to all lovers of the film that his universe will expand with him. next spin-off focused on the character of Furiosa, although it should be noted that the film will replace Charlize Theron by Anya Taylor-Joy, a decision that did not quite convince the actress. Tom Hardy, who played Max Rockatansky and appeared in Venom 2, has been enthusiastic about the movie of Angry (va Screen Rant).

Hardy is delighted that he delves into the character of Furiosa

Angry begin filming in 2022 and George Miller, who will continue to take the helm of management, says he already has some ideas about the future of the series. depending on the success of the tape. However, we do not anticipate events and focus on the statements of Tom Hardy, who has declared for the medium Esquire what do you feel Mad Max: Fury Road it was essentially more a furiosa movie than Max And that decision worked perfectly. “Fury Road it was ultimately the Furiosa movie, which was fantastic. Fury on the road. Furious It was in the title. If you look at it now, it was a change of hands somehow, from Max to Furious. That’s what they are filming now. ”

“George Miller still has Mad Max, but has divided its feed between two characters, and that’s really great, “said Hardy, leaving the door open for the return of his character on the big screen. Hardy’s statements make all the sense in the world, since even though his performance as Max Rockatansky was praised by fans –remember that he replaced Mel Gibson, who was Max in the original-, most of the compliments were directed towards Imperator Furiosa and the flawless performance by Charlize Theron. You share the same enthusiasm as Tom Hardy about the new indie film from Mad Max?