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This Tuesday, December 14 will be broadcast “Mom, I missed the plane again“on TFX. The opportunity to review the career of Macaulay Culkin, who played the legendary role of little Kevin. After dark years, would he finally be back on our screens?

Macaulay Culkin is one of the so-called “child stars”. In the majority of cases, they unfortunately fall into drugs or alcoholism. This was particularly the case of the interpreter of Kevin in Mom I missed the plane, whose second opus is broadcast this Tuesday, December 14 on TFX. World famous from the age of 10 thanks to the success of the comedy in 1990 and its sequel two years later, the young boy had surfed on his popularity, inviting himself as well in a clip of his best friend Michael Jackson (Black or White) than in the biggest boxes on the big screen of the time (My girl, Richie Rich). And at 14, he decided to stop his career because of his parents who fought over the goose that laid the golden eggs and tried to scam him, he emancipated himself at 15 with his $ 17 million in the bank.

Not needing to work to live, Macaulay then took his time, also in order to digest this precocious and overwhelming success which had exploded his home and had sent him for a while on the front page of the tabloids (sometimes for having ravaged a room hotels, often for drug possession). After this descent into hell who saw him go through the prison box, it was only ten years later that he reappeared, following independent productions, confident that he was running neither after success nor after money, but out of passion for a project. We will even see him on the boards in the early 2000s in the play Madame Melville, alongside Irene Jacob.

© Backgrid USA / BestimageMacaulay Culkin parading for the “Gucci Love Parade” in New York, November 2, 2021.

Macaulay Culkin makes a comeback

The following years, besides an appearance in the independent film Sex and Breakfast (2007) and his separation from Mila Kunis after eight years of love (2010), the decade will be rather calm for him, like the following one, which has however accelerated in recent years. We were able to see it regularly on the YouTube channel The Modern Rogue, then at the cinema in 2019 in the main role of Changeland, directed by Seth Green, also starring Brenda Song (the actress who has shared her life since 2017). They also had together a little boy named Dakota on April 5. The 41-year-old actor also surprised everyone by parading in style for the Gucci Love Parade last November 2. As for her career, she seems to have started afresh since Macaulay Culkin has joined the cast of season 10 of the series American Horror Story. Keviiiiiiiiiiin is back.

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Macaulay Culkin: What Happens to the ‘Mom, I Missed the Plane’ Star? – Gala