Macaulay Culkin was bullied on the street when he was a child, says his brother

Kieran Culkin has recalled how Macauley was “bullied” as a child on the street.

In statements to The Hollywood Reporter, Kieran, Macauley’s younger brother and star of Succession, revealed that as his brother’s fame grew after Home Alone and Richie Rich, the reaction to his brother’s celebrity disturbed him.

He expressed: “They harassed him on the street. Once a woman took off her hat, looked at it and said, ‘Yes, it’s him! You’re not that cute. ‘ And then he returned the hat and left. “

He went on to describe how his own growing fame affected him and how he was frequently mistaken for his brother. “When I was making one of the movies of the father of the bride, this woman ran up to me and said, ‘Are you Macluckly Macluckly?’ And I said, ‘No.’ She insisted, ‘Can I take a picture?’ I replied, ‘I’m not him.’ And in my mind, I was thinking, ‘Nobody is that.

Elsewhere in the interview, Culkin also reflected on his sister’s death.

Culkin revealed that her family will never get over the loss of Dakota, who died at age 29 in 2008 after being hit by a car in Southern California.

“That is the worst thing that has happened in life, and there is nothing that sweetens it,” he confessed to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Each of us handled it very differently. I think the whole world was devastated inside. “

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“What has it been, 13 years now? Holy shit. That’s crazy. Jesus. In that moment I accepted that this would be forever and that it would never be okay. It will always be devastating. “

He added: “I still cry about it out of nowhere. Something funny he did pops into my head and makes me laugh, and then I cry. Sometimes it’s knowing that she won’t meet my children and that they can’t have her, and it’s hard to describe what she was like. “

Culkin, 39, to reprise role of Roman Roy in HBO hit Succession, which will return for a third season later this month. He said that a particular moment in the season premiere with a fight between Roman and his sister Shiv, played by Sarah Snook, reminded him of Dakota.

The third season of Succession will premiere in the UK on Sky Atlantic and Now on October 18.

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