Macaulay Culkin, the protagonist of ‘Mi Pobre Angelito’, is currently working on a podcast and venturing into the world of fashion

My poor angel It is the quintessential Christmas movie. The film premiered a December 21, 1990 and starred Macaulay Culkin. At just 10 years old, the actor played the mythical character Kevin McCallister.

The 41-year-old actor participated in other audiovisual projects after his rise to fame thanks My Poor Little Angel 1 and 2. His participation after his successful starring role were great failures in the audiovisual industry, with the exception of Richie Rich. After many years away from the screens, this year he participated in the successful series American Horror Story.

The actor retired from his professional career at the age of 14, after his parents, when they separated, legally disputed their son’s fortune. According to rumors, Macaulay He had been legally emancipated from his parents at the time, but in 2018 he denied this version and confirmed that he had only deleted his parents from his trust fund.

Macaulay Culkin’s present: he has a podcast, walked for Gucci and was a father

The famous actor is dedicated to his website and his podcast called “Bunny Bears”, in which he deals with current affairs with various guests. He was also seen recently dabbling in modeling for the brand Gucci.

Culkin on the Gucci catwalk.

In April of this year and through a statement, he announced that together with his partner, Brenda Song, they were very happy to tell that they had been parents of Dakota Song Culkin. The name was chosen in tribute to the actor’s sister who died at the age of 29 in a traffic accident.

A few months ago, the actor referred to his controversial life: “I got money, I got fame, I have a beautiful girlfriend and a beautiful house and beautiful animals. It took me a long time to get to this place, and I had to have that conversation with myself and honestly, it’s not that bad. “.

Her relationship with Michael Jackson

Both stars maintained a close relationship since 1990. When the actor was only 11 years old, he participated in the video clip of the song Black or White of the pop star. This friendship always raised many suspicions because the singer had several complaints about child sexual abuse. However, Culkin was one of Jackson’s staunch defenders.

Years after the death of Michael, Macaulay He referred to the accusations against his friend: “Look, I’m going to tell the truth: he never did anything to me and I didn’t see him do anything to anyone either. this height, I have no reason to keep myself lAs things, the man has already passed away. “

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Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin.

Culkin He is also godfather of the children of Michael: Paris, Prince y Michael Jr. He currently maintains a great relationship with Jackson’s daughter. “I gave him some advice when he started modeling and acting. ‘Don’t forget to play, don’t forget to take some of this whole experience with you, and don’t forget to tuck something up your sleeve before you go.'”he told the young woman.

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Macaulay Culkin, the protagonist of ‘Mi Pobre Angelito’, is currently working on a podcast and venturing into the world of fashion