Lord of the Rings: Elijah Wood reveals his favorite episode (and he’s a little right)

One of the films of the trilogy The Lord of the Rings has a special status for Elijah Wood, the interpreter of Frodo Baggins.

More than a series of successful blockbusters, the trilogy of Lord of the Rings is a saga that has deeply marked the history of cinema and paved the way for many franchises. For many fans, choosing a favorite movie among Peter Jackson’s three feature films is like choosing between father and mother. We at Large screen, we also have our little darling (even if, let’s face it, eh, ranking your six films is a very subjective exercise).

Recently, Elijah Wood, iconic actor of the first films, also mentioned a slight preference for one of the three feature films. Obviously, his experience as an actor on the set has a great influence on this choice.

Team work is the Dream work !

The main actor of the saga confided in the microphone of the American podcast ReelBend. Unsurprisingly, it is The Fellowship of the Ring who has his preference:

“The emotions on the set of this movie will remain extraordinary, first of all thanks to this group dynamic. For me, specifically, it was great spending time with the four Hobbits together, as a unit. It was lovely, we were very close with Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom. Most of the scenes around the Community were done in the early days of filming, so it brought us together.

But yes, myself, like you, have a particular attachment to this film as such. There’s something about this group, their connection, their cohesion throughout their journey, which then erupts from The Two Towers … I love those movies too, eh! They are dynamic, incredible, super moving … But there was something really magical about the first one, something very beautiful, and I believe that, yes, it will remain my favorite of the three. “

photo, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingThe Lord of the Rings: a transgenerational nugget

This year, this first part of the franchise will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. Two decades for a trilogy that has conquered millions of viewers, and allowed its team to collect around thirty Oscar nominations (and seventeen statuettes). The Community of the Ring had won four (Best Cinematography, Best Music, Best Makeup and Best Special Effects).

Twenty years later, the fantastic universe will soon make its comeback on Amazon Prime Video, in the form of a series. This one intrigues the fans a lot … It also annoys some … For the purists, who would always like more, without taking the risk of being disappointed by this new iteration made in UK, the trilogy was recently released in a 4K version.

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