Lord of the Rings: 20 years reunion to take place according to Elijah Wood (Frodo)

Between 2001 and 2003, spectators discover a trilogy awarded by several Oscars and directed by Peter Jackson: The Lord of the Rings. Billions of dollars at the box office later, this adaptation remains one of the most beloved in the world. Suffice to say that Prime Video will have work with its future series taking place before the events of the Peter Jackson films! And as The Lord of the Rings turns 20, Elijah Wood was questioned about the possibility of a reunion with the whole team. The actor plays Frodo, the main character of the trilogy. And with this anniversary, whoever wishes to show the work to his son reveals that a gathering could take place in New Zealand. Where The Lord of the Rings was filmed.

Unfortunately, there are some obstacles in the way of a reunion, as Elijah Wood explains over Looper’s microphone (via WGTC).

Image par Sammy-Williams de Pixabay

The actor obviously speaks to the COVID-19 pandemic with more complicated trips and gatherings.

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The pandemic makes it difficult to organize a meeting

Elijah Wood is a child star with a rich film career. If his projects are oriented towards horror in recent years, rather modest, his greatest interpretation remains that of Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. Two decades later, the actor reveals that a meeting is “difficult because of COVID”.

“I don’t know if we can go to New Zealand (…) I’m almost sure it will be complicated unless there are major authorizations and some kind of access road” reports Elijah Wood, specifying that this solution is “possible” »But difficult because« this country is closed ».

For several months, access to the territory has been very difficult. The New Zealand government has locked down the country with a very low number of cases. A security that even Hollywood cannot defy according to the interpreter of Frodo.

But that the fans are reassured. Elijah Wood believes “that there will be a gathering (…) I know that we all want to celebrate together, to be able to find the perfect place for everyone, we want to sit at a giant table and raise our glass , share stories, hang out a bit ”.

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