Logan Lerman the original Percy Jackson approves of Walker Scobell: The actor claims ‘can’t imagine a better fit’

Lerman passes the torch as Scobell readies to usher the demigod to a new generation. A generational shift is underway for the Percy Jackson franchise. A new Disney+ series has begun production that will retell the fantasy book series, with Walker Scobell now wielding the sword as the title demigod. And earning the blessing of predecessor Logan Lerman, who brought Percy to life over a decade ago on film. Lerman glowingly approves of the recasting, claiming the newcomer seems a pitch-perfect fit.

Lerman Calls Scobell An “Incredible” Successor 

Logan Lerman originated the role of Percy Jackson in 2010’s The Lightning Thief and 2013 sequel Sea of Monsters. Though hopes for a grand franchise fizzled, the actor’s witty and good-hearted take on the modern day Greek hero won a generation of fans. Now with Percy’s story being revived for streaming, Lerman voices glowing praise at the new face assuming the mantle. “I think that he’s such an incredible actor, perfect for the role,” Lerman told The Hollywood Reporter about 14-year old Walker Scobell. Lerman says Scobell seems “so spirited” and “innocent” in test footage, capturing Percy’s defiant charm that should delight readers and newcomers alike.

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Scobell Feels “Honored” To Take Up Franchise Baton

For his part, Percy Jackson’s new star Walker Scobell feels “very honored” to follow in Lerman’s footsteps, while bringing his own spin. “It’s always big shoes to fill, but I’m very honored that I get this opportunity,” Scobell explained during a recent press event. The young actor trained vigorously for months beforehand, preparing to lead the effects-heavy adventure series with confidence. “I know Logan did such a great job as Percy Jackson the first time around…I hope to do that role justice,” Scobell said. Lerman’s public vote of confidence already eases the pressure as the rising talent forges his own path as Percy.   

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Series Makes Sweeping Changes Expanding Percy’s World

With author Rick Riordan more intimately involved, the fresh Disney take looks to hew closer to the books by modernizing aspects of aging early 2000s material. Percy notably starts his dangerous mythical adventures already at age 12 versus 16 in the films. He’s also joined by Annabeth Chase (Leah Jeffries) right from the outset, strengthening the duo’s bond as they learn of Percy’s godly parentage and search for the stolen lightning bolt. Promotional clips suggesting a timely social media element, while new goddess Venus played by Lin-Manuel Miranda signals updates enhancing the drama. Production values also receive a boost benefiting the series’ effects-heavy fantasy.  

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Lerman Welcomes Opportunity To Pass Percy’s Torch

Now 30 years old, Logan Lerman feels ready and willing to cheer on young Walker without lamenting missed opportunities. “I’m older now and I’ve had some of my own life experiences,” Lerman reflected. While rumors recently floated of the actor making a cameo appearance on the show, Lerman clarified no talks have occurred. But he seems happy simply enjoying this new Percy Jackson iteration strictly as a fan going forward. “I hope the new series gives the fans everything they want,” he added sincerely.

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Scobell Set To Lead Next Era Of Percy Jackson Mania  

From early glimpses of action-packed quests and motley mythic beings, Walker Scobell looks well equipped to usher in an enthralling next chapter for Percy Jackson. The young star clearly takes inspiration from Lerman’s performance, while making his version of the character distinct with bundles of youthful attitude. With Percy’s journey getting retold for modern streaming sensibilities, Scobell seems destined to emerge as teen heartthrob and household name, awarded the golden prophecy of franchise fame.  

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Lerman Passes Torch As Scobell Forages His Own Legacy   

In giving Walker Scobell his hearty blessing through both word and deed to inhabit a character forever linked to his name, Logan Lerman ensures Percy Jackson’s cinematic legacy rests in good hands for generations to come. And if early glimpses prove accurate, Scobell has all the makings of a worthy successor ready to chart his own era-defining journey as the sassy son of Poseidon.  

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Logan Lerman the original Percy Jackson approves of Walker Scobell: The actor claims ‘can’t imagine a better fit’