Lindsay Lohan returns with everything! Will there be a Mean Girls reboot and Crazy Friday?

Lindsay Lohan was the special guest on the recent episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for the promotion of his new film Netflix, Falling For Christmas.

In between congratulations on your recent marriage to bader shammasthe host of the program went straight to the point and asked him about his interpretation of the Christmas carol, Jingle Bell Rock for the new movie. “Let me remind you, in case you don’t know, but the last time we saw you singing this song in a movie was in Mean Girls«.

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Laughing, the actress revealed that this was all the product of a joke of hers. “She was joking around with the producers and the director and I said, ‘oh, it would be great to include a skit of Jingle Bell Rock‘». However, the team took it seriously and came up with the idea of ​​recreating the iconic scene from heavy girls. That’s when Lindsay told them, “oh no, sorry, you can’t play Mean GirlsLet’s not do it.” After all, they did agree to include the song on the soundtrack.

As a result of these memories, Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to ask him about the possibility of doing some reboots of his old movies as a result of what he said Jaime Lee Curtis on A crazy Friday in a recent interview. Given this, the interpreter of Annie James Y Hallie Parker made some anticipations.

Will there be a reboot of Mean Girls and Crazy Friday?

Regarding his iconic 2003 film with Jaime Lee Curtis, A crazy Friday, revealed to be “absolutely interested” in doing a sequel. In fact, she confirmed that she had a conversation about this with the actress. “We talked about it, yes,” she said. As she detailed, it was during one of the filming on the set of her new movie that she received a message from her co-star where she mentioned that she was interested in doing a second part. Excited, Lohan assures that “they would both like it”.

In this context, the humorist did not miss the opportunity and asked him directly about a reboot of Heavy Girls. However, the answer was not as clear as the previous one. I think that is in the hands of tina fey Y Lorne Michaels“He said referring to the creators of the story.

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Lindsay Lohan returns with everything! Will there be a Mean Girls reboot and Crazy Friday?