Lily Collins “Emily in Paris” on Netflix, this detail that will change her life ….

Lily Collins, the actress of “Emily in Paris” on Netflix, has just made a very important decision. Here are the details of his new life.

Phil Collins’ daughter, from the musician’s second marriage, has been an actress from a young age. Today, at the age of 31, the young woman Lily Collins has appeared in no less than 19 feature films and 4 television series.

A record that has allowed him to flirt with many awards for his work. And if professionally speaking, we can say that the main actress of Emily in Paris is very fulfilled, it is the same for her private life!

Lily Collins is on cloud nine

Indeed, Lily Collins did not have an ideal childhood. Being the daughter of such a great musician may have opened doors for her, but it also exposed her early on to over-media coverage with dire consequences.

For example, she accuses the media of having caused the divorce of her parents.

Since then, she has been very discreet about her own love life. Nevertheless, Lily Collins announced her engagement to the press on September 25, 2020. In a relationship with actor and director Charlie McDowell since July 2019, she publicly evokes her eagerness to say yes to him for life. The young woman thus declares her love for him in an Instagram post dated Valentine’s Day.

Given the circumstances, the lovers will live under the same roof. No more reason to have a separate house. Lily Collins owned a huge residence in Beverly Hills, California. It is from this American villa that the actress separated. This pocketing a very nice sum of money!

This is information we were able to get from the columns of the New York Post, which itself retrieved from the real estate site In addition, the site indicates that the daughter of Phil Collins made an interesting profit on the sale of her villa. Indeed, she had offered it for $ 12.5 million in 2016. And she has just sold it for the sum of $ 13.5 million. We must admit that a million dollars in profit is not negligible. Especially when planning a wedding!

A huge sale that can be explained in the details.

If the house of the daughter of Phil Collins has sold so well, it is because it has undeniable advantages. First of all, the surface area of ​​the property is estimated at 465 m². It is a single storey house built in 1954, restored in 1970 and extended in 1985. A beautiful building then. Also, the exteriors are sheltered from the eyes of the most curious, surrounded by iron gates and covered with large trees. The gardens include a tennis court, a swimming pool and a huge red brick garage for storing cars and motorcycles.

Lily Collins is on the rise, in life and on stage

The villa listed for sale by Lily Collins sold out in just over 24 hours after it was put on the market. It must be said that it is exceptional. Designed by architect John Elgin Woolf, it is the preserve of the most beautiful and prestigious Hollywood residences. Her house sold and her wedding plan on the way, Lily Collins is in heaven.

A point of stress, however, remained on February 28 for the young woman. Because she participated in the Golden Globes, from her residence and by interposed cameras. The actress was nominated for the best actress statuette for her role in Emily in Paris. The series was even nominated twice since it was also in the running for the award for best comedy or musical series.

Lily Collins

No reward this time around for Lily Collins. But memorable memories to add to those she already has for these many nominations and awards. On the other hand, fans of the series Emily in Paris can rejoice in the preparation of season 2! A little more patience before the giant of streaming platforms gives the date of this new opus. But what is being said everywhere on the web is that season 2 of Emily in Paris will arrive in 2021!

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Lily Collins “Emily in Paris” on Netflix, this detail that will change her life ….