Lily Collins (Emily in Paris) makes a sublime declaration of love to her husband Charlie McDowell, who answers her (PHOTO)

This July 10, the husband of Lily Collins, director Charlie McDowell celebrated his 39th birthday. The opportunity for the star toEmily in Paris to send him a sublime declaration of love on Instagram.

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fans of the series Emily in Paris eagerly awaiting season 3 on Netflix. The continuation of the adventures of this young American marketing director who is sent to France in a famous agency to try to share her ideas. This series was mainly shot in Paris, but season 2 also took place in St Tropez and other regions of France. If the release date of the saga has not yet been announced, the young actress posted the first photos heralding the filming of this new season a few weeks ago. Moreover, if we are to believe the end of season 2, Emily could fly across the Channel, enough to already make the fans moan.

Lily Collins has been in a relationship with Charlie McDowell since 2019

Despite the reluctance of some serivores, this production which brought together more than 58 million spectators during its first season will have allowed certain spectators to discover the actress Lily Collins, who we could see in the drama film To the Bone, by Marti Noxon. On the private side, last September, the actress announced the big news: she married her companion Charlie McDowell. “I have never been happier”, she announced on her social networks, revealing at the same time a series of snapshots. I never wanted to be someone’s someone as much as I want to be your someoneand now I’m your wife”, had expressed the young woman. This July 10, the latter wanted to send a magnificent declaration of love to her dear and tender, on the occasion of her birthday, in the caption of a snapshot on which Charlie McDowell, director of Backlashcurrently on Netflix, with his darling Lily Collins in particular, poses in front of a mural.

“I respect you, admire you and adore you more than I can properly express”

She wrote : “Happy birthday to the love of my life and best friend. I can’t wait for us to grow old together and for you to look more and more like those Danish fishermen“. Before continuing, full of love: “I respect, admire and adore you more than I can properly express. But I promise to always do my best every day. You make me laugh like no other and believe in me more than I thought possible. My life is more fulfilled because you are there, my heart is more complete, and I am a better person because of your constant love and support. I love you beyond, concluded Lily Collins. Enough to capsize the heart of Charlie McDowell who hastened to shed a few tears in the comments: “Well, it made me cry. And not because I’m getting older (that will happen later today). I love you more than anything.

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Lily Collins (Emily in Paris) makes a sublime declaration of love to her husband Charlie McDowell, who answers her (PHOTO)