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Lily Collins: 'Emily in Paris' and other series and movies of the actress that you cannot miss
Lily Collins: ‘Emily in Paris’ and other series and movies of the actress that you cannot miss

By Natalia Diaz

Lily Collins He was born on March 18, 1989, so he is currently 33 years old. She is the daughter of the legendary musician Phil Collins, singer of the BSO of Tarzan among many other hits, and actress Jill Tavelman. Her nationality is British-American. In 2021 and after years of dating, she married Charlie McDowell, film director and screenwriter. Lily is a model and actress and she has been the image of the beauty brand Lancôme for many years, so you may have seen her countless times on your television screen for this reason. She also has written a book called Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me in which he recounts different feelings and experiences that have happened to him during his life and with which he intends to be a source of help for the reader.

His film debut was with the film The Blindside in 2009 in which she played the role of the protagonist’s sister and in which Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw played her parents. Her first role as the protagonist of her was obtained in 2016 in the film Rules Don’t Apply and that earned her a Golden Globe nomination in the category of Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical.

In October 2020, the first episode of Emily in Paris, a Netflix series starring Lily Collins and which allowed her to get a new nomination in 2020 for the Golden Globes in the same category. The third season of it premieres this December 21 and is renewed for a fourth. This is the synopsis that appears on Netflix: “After accepting her dream job in Paris, Emily Cooper, Chicago marketing executive, begins a life of adventure as she balances work, friendship and love.” In addition to the Golden Globes, Emily in Paris She has also been nominated for Emmys and Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Although Lily had already participated in a considerable number of projects up to this point, it has been her role as Emily Cooper that has given her the opportunity to open up to new audiences and finish being a widely recognized actress. Although it is true that this role does not finish showing all the facets and potential of Lily as an actress.

If you only know Lily Collins from her starring role in Emily in Paris, here we bring you a list with more projects in which the actress has participated (in addition to those already mentioned above). She stands out mostly for romantic comedies, but she has done dramas, action and even thrillers.

Shadowhunters: City of Bones (Shadowhunters: City of Bones)

Shadowhunters: City of Bone is the film adaptation of the book of the same name written by Cassandra Clare. This saga was a teenage success and, although the film did not convince the public to continue it with more deliveries, thanks to it many of us met Lily. It is not the best adaptation in the world, but aesthetically and musically it is a beautiful film. Its main song is heart by heart, sung by nothing more and nothing less than Demi Lovato. Lily plays Clary, the protagonist. The co-star is Jamie Campbell Bower, who has recently been making waves again thanks to her role as Vecna ​​in stranger things.


This film is a plea for animal rights that competed for the Palme d’Or at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. It was the first Netflix original film to compete at this festival. Lily plays Red, part of a group of animal rights activists from the Animal Liberation Front. She will fight to save Okja, a pet superpig that a multinational wants to turn into meat.

To the Bones

down to the bones is probably the hardest movie Lily has ever starred in. It tells the story of Ellen, a young woman with anorexia nervosa who meets an unconventional doctor at a support group who challenges her to face her condition and come back to life. The actress herself went through this harsh disease in her teens. This is another Netflix original movie.

The Inheritance

Here we find the only thriller on the list. The Heritage is a dramatic thriller with some hints of horror in which Lily plays the daughter of a patriarch who passes away suddenly, leaving her and her mother with a mysterious inheritance that could destroy their lives. This time we see the actress in a much more serious and adult role, demonstrating one more facet of her potential as an actress. The film will leave you in suspense wanting to know more every moment until the final outcome.

The Unforeseen of Love (Love, Rosie)

One of the most beautiful romantic comedies out there, but perhaps not one of the best known. Along with Sam Claflin (Before you, The Hunger Games), Lily stars in this film about a love that overcomes all obstacles. Love, Rosie It shows various life stages of two best friends, Rosie and Alex, in which they do not stop meeting despite a series of events that had distanced them.

Snow White (Mirror, Mirror)

Snow White (Mirror, Mirror) is a curious and extravagant musical adaptation of the Disney classic (or the Grimm brothers, depending on what you prefer to see). In it we have Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen and Lily as Snow White herself. It is a very funny movie that stands out for its extravagant looks and dresses that leave no one indifferent. A twist on a classic that is well worth seeing.

Lily Collins: 'Emily in Paris' and other series and movies of the actress that you cannot miss

A Winter at the Beach (Stuck In Love)

Once again, Lily teams up with another teen idol, Logan Lerman. This actor has starred in other film successes such as the adaptation of the literary saga of Percy Jackson either The advantages of being an outcast. Lily plays Samantha, a budding young writer who can’t get over her mother cheating on her father (who doesn’t get over it either). Natt Wolff plays Lily’s brother and A winter at the beach narrates the love and social lives of the three members of this family. At first, Samantha is cold and cynical until she meets Louis (Logan), who with her romantic nature and also as a writer tries to win her over. Here we find another romantic comedy with hints of drama that has a great cast completed by Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connelly.

The Miserables

The mythical work of French history by Victor Hugo has had countless adaptations. The best known of all is the 2012 film directed by Tom Hooper, but there is also an adaptation in the form of a miniseries in which Lily Collins appears as Fantine. A poor woman who is fired from the protagonist’s factory for sending money to her daughter, becoming a prostitute and selling her teeth and hair to try to survive. This adaptation was the work of the British BBC and consists of six chapters.

Lily Collins: 'Emily in Paris' and other series and movies of the actress that you cannot miss

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Lily Collins: ‘Emily in Paris’ and other series and movies by the actress that you can’t miss – Happyfm