Like Matthew McConaughey, Lizzo no longer wears deodorant and is doing very well

HYGIENE – After the question of the number of showers to have per week, a new debate is taking place among the stars. This Thursday, August 19, singer Lizzo explained, in an ephemeral story shared on her Instagram account, no longer wanting to put deodorant under her arms.

“Well, I agree with him on this point”, writes the interpreter of Rumors, in response to an article on the site Hollywood Unlocked indicating that Matthew McConaughey had made a similar decision as well. “I stopped the deodorant and I feel much better,” says the rapper.

The details on Matthew McConaughey’s hygiene are not new. In a magazine interview People in 2005, he assured that he had not used deodorant for twenty years. It never made him smell bad, according to him.

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown, with whom he worked on the set of the film Thunder in the tropics, released on screens in October 2008, spoke about it again recently. Curious, she says she came closest to him at the time to feel him. Results? “It smelled like granola and bon vivant, that’s all I can tell you,” assures the American actress in an interview with SiriusXM Stars. It smelled sweet and sweet. ”

“No confidence in antiperspirants”

This is nothing new. Many people have decided to stop putting on deodorant in order to regain their original body odor and to avoid chemicals, such as aluminum salts and alcohol. Among the stars, Cameron Diaz has not used it for more than twenty years. “I don’t trust antiperspirants,” she confided in 2014 to AND! News. This is also the case with Bradley Cooper.

Commenting on Matthew McConaughey, Yvette Nicole Brown adds: “I think he took baths because he smelled good at the time. He just didn’t wear deodorant. ”

These remarks follow a debate that is agitating Hollywood at the moment: should we take showers every day? The question was first raised by actor couple Ahshton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, specifying that they only wash their children when they are dirty. Kristen Bell and her husband, comedian Dax Shepard, also seem to agree. Cardi B and Dwayne Johnson, much less.

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