“Let her go on a diet”: Amy Adams receives the cruelest criticism for her physique

Since the sequel to enchanted, disenchanted, Amy Adams He had a full schedule. Although of course, although 15 years have passed since the first installment, she has never stopped.

The 48-year-old six-time Oscar nominee was recently spotted filming her new movie, nightbitch, in Los Angeles. The film is based on the debut novel by Rachel Yoder and Adams was chosen to play the title role in the film adaptation.

Adams will show the difficulties of motherhood from a raw perspective between achieving balance at home and adjusting to changes in your body.

The character ends up sinking into the mental mental exhaustion which makes her believe that she is, in fact, turning into a dog. Certainly the unusual premise has aroused curiosity among moviegoerswho recognize that Adams has the histrionic talent to do whatever is put in the script in an extraordinary way.

Of course, in recent days a series of images circulated on social networks that unleashed the most cruel comments towards her.

In the images, the actress appears dressed in a blue-striped button-down shirt, baggy pants, and minimal makeup.

“Amy Adams ate an Amy Adams.” “She already liked looking fat.” “I thought she was Amy Schumer”. “She is still beautiful, with a little exercise and a diet she will be fine.” “What happened to her? She looks quite aged for her age, she looks like a 60″ granny. “That she goes on a diet, it’s too bad that she neglects herself like that.” “Shrek what did you do to the princess!!??”. “That lady ate Amy Adams,” some expressed.

Immediately, there were those who came to his defenserecalling other cases such as Christian bale, who also gained weight for a character and far from being criticized, was applauded.

“*Christian Bale gets fat for a character* Everyone: wow, chameleon, give him an oscar, what to do for a character *Amy Adams gets fat for a character* Everyone: what happened? She looks like an aunt, is she already married? Princess, what happened to you? But there is no machismo”, wrote an Internet user.

“Acting also involves great physical changes in order to develop and empathize with a character.” “If the film has Amy as an actress. It will be a great movie for sure.” “These are the real actresses, the ones who are capable of modifying their physique to do their job in the best way, but from what I see in the comments they love throwing hate before investigating reasons.”

The actress is one of the most important in Hollywood today, and even one of the best paid.

His accolades include, among others, two Golden Globes, a Screen Actors Guild Award, five Critics’ Choice Awards and an Independent Spirit Awardin addition to six Academy Award nominations and seven BAFTA Award nominations.

It is known that Adams is an actress dedicated to the roles she assumes, however, she is constantly questioned about her physical transformations.

With Hillbilly Elegy2020 Oscar-nominated film, audiences were impressed with Amy’s performance and noted that I was brave for having gained so much weight. In the movie of Netflix, The Woman in the Window, the actress also had a radical physical change Well, she had to play an agoraphobic woman who lived depressed and locked up in her house.

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“Let her go on a diet”: Amy Adams receives the cruelest criticism for her physique