Leonardo DiCaprio literally bled for Django Unchained

That Quentin Tarantino He is an expert in the bloody scenes it surprises no one. You just need to take a look at his filmography to confirm it: Kill Bill, Damn bastards… What may come as a surprise is that one of his most recent films includes the 100% real blood of a famous actor from Hollywood: Leonardo Dicaprio shed blood for Django Unchained. He may have an Oscar and a Razzie, but of course Leonardo DiCaprio’s commitment to the seventh art cannot be doubted.

The scene of his accident, in the movie

Tarantino dared for the first time with the western in django unchained. Starring Jamie Foxx as a black man freed from the chains of slavery, a leading role for which the name of Will Smiththe film had a choral cast in which stand out Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio.

the protagonist of titanica it gets in the skin of the great villain of django unchainedthe slaver calvin candie. This is a ruthless and infamous character played very well by DiCaprio, who could be said to it went from intense during filming. Why? The actor he cut his hand in the middle of recording a scene and, far from stopping at that moment, He stayed on paper.

Quentin Tarantino with the cast of Django Unchained GTRES/Alexandre Meneghini/AP Photo

That’s how producer Stacey Sher told Variety: “Leo had hit the table with his hand countless times and moved his hand further and crushed a cup crystal cordial.” Although he didn’t go out of character, the accident was serious enough to necessitate stitches.

Leonardo DiCaprio laughed it off

Leonardo DiCaprio recalled this curious (and bloody) filming anecdote during an interview with abcnews in which they were also present Jamie Foxx and Quentin Tarantino. “That was the fun part, seeing his reactionhonestly,” said DiCaprio, who also mimicked the faces Foxx and Tarantino made at the time.

django unchained He received Several Oscar nominations: Best Film, Supporting Actor, Cinematography, Original Screenplay and Sound Editing. None of them for Leonardo DiCaprio, no matter how much blood was spilled on the set. He was nominated, however, in his next film with Quentin Tarantino, once upon a time in hollywood, which also featured Brad Pitt. Brad took it and Leo didn’t, but he can always brag about the Oscar he won for his great performance in the revenant.

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Leonardo DiCaprio literally bled for Django Unchained