Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t like people filming Meryl Streep naked, but who asked him his opinion?

For Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep is an untouchable, almost sacred, movie icon, and he doesn’t like the idea of ​​being filmed naked. We would gladly do without his father-moral reflections.

Leonardo DiCaprio is like everyone else: he has his favorites.

We’re not talking about the 20-year-old models he takes on yacht tours out of Christian charity, but about his fellow actresses, whom he places on a pedestal, including Meryl Streep.

While he turned with her on Don’t Look Up, the new Adam McKay film which will be released on Netflix on December 24, the 47-year-old actor did not appreciate being made to shoot a nude scene.

Leonardo DiCaprio embarrassed by Meryl Streep nude scene

Jennifer Lawrence, also headliner of Don’t Look Up, revealed in several American media that the filming of the film was not easy.

What Adam McKay, the director, did not deny, even giving a few small details about the whims of each other.

This is how he revealed in the columns of the Guardian that DiCaprio did not appreciate filming a nude scene with Meryl Streep:

But you know who had a problem with that [La nudité de l’actrice NDLR] ? Leo. Leo sees Meryl as the queen of the movies (…) He didn’t like to see her with a tattoo on her lower back, walking, for a second, naked. He said something to me like, “Do you really need to show this? “I replied” It’s President Orlean [le nom du personnage, NDLR], it’s not Meryl Streep ”.

That Leo wants to defend Meryl Streep’s modesty out of real respect for her, we have no doubt, but we want to remind him that Meryl may very well decide for herself whether or not she thinks it is fair to shine in a nude scene.

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't like filming Meryl Streep naked, but who asked him for his opinion?

Obviously, in a world where women’s bodies are used as an advertising tool, it is important to question the need for a nude scene.

However, Meryl does not need the patriarchy, however eminent its representative, to make a decision concerning her image.

Moreover, the actress took no notice of the reifying claims of her partner on the screen, and would not even have flinched.

Untold proof that Leo, like so many men who have not been asked for their advice, would do well to take care of your own little butt, rather than playing the savior …

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Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t like people filming Meryl Streep naked, but who asked him his opinion?