Leisure – In Orléans, the Pathé cinema is more expensive than in other cities of comparable size

The article also published on our Facebook page provoked several reactions relating to the price of seats. “Considering the price of an entry, we think twice before going … Even at the works council price, cinema remains a luxury “, laments Amandine, in the comments.

“Paying 13 euros for a 2-hour film is expensive per minute!”, Considers Violaine for her part. As for Valérie, she chose:

“Cinema is super expensive, I now prefer to watch Canal +, or even Netflix, or even Prime video. Anyway, it always ends up on TV.”

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Indeed, after a price increase in 2019 and 2020, you must now pay, for the full price ticket, 13.40 euros for a seat at the Pathé cinema. The prices are identical in Saran and Orléans. As a reminder, at the Carmes cinema, the full price is 8 euros.

After 1940, the Récidive festival will look at the year 1968 in Orléans.

Comparison with other medium-sized cities

The Rep ‘ wondered if the prices are also high in all Pathé in France.

We therefore compared the prices of theaters from this brand in about fifteen medium-sized cities in France, approximately the same size as Orleans.

The verdict is final. The Pathé rates charged in the Johannine city are among the most expensive. Only the inhabitants of Amiens, Reims and Échirolles, near Grenoble, also pay 13.40 euros. While in Brest, moviegoers will pay only 10.20 euros. In Tours, the brand makes them pay 10.80 euros. For information, the most expensive Pathé cinema in France is in Paris Beaugrenelle, where a seat costs 15.50 euros.

If we go back in time, in Orleans, Ten years ago, Pathé spectators paid € 9.80 for their seat, an increase of over 36% in ten years.

Leisure In Orleans the Pathe cinema is more

An evasive answer to say the least

When contacted, the director of the Pathé Orléans cinemas referred us to a national press service. There, we were told that we had to send our questions by email, so that the marketing department, which, we are told, “sets the prices nationally” responds. We wanted to know why, for the same level of service, namely cinemas offering IMAX, 4DX, are the prices also different between Clermont-Ferrand and Orléans? Why do discounted rate policies differ from establishment to establishment? Or why did the reduced rates that were offered to everyone during the morning sessions in Orleans disappear?

In their response, the Gaumont Pathé cinemas remind us that reduced prices exist, and only tell us this:

“Prices are expected to be revised upwards depending on investments, such as the creation of an IMAX room at Pathé Saran in 2017 (only sixteen rooms in France), the opening of the one and only Starbucks in Orléans in 2017 and a 4DX room at the Pathé Orléans in 2019. The prices charged in Orléans are aligned with the average prices of our network. “

You only have to look at the comparison to realize that this is not the case, and that other cities also have such facilities, while tickets are sold cheaper. Especially since for these special sessions, a supplement of up to 6 euros per ticket is requested. We therefore called the press service back to request a telephone interview, which was refused.

How to pay less?

Various consumer brands in the Orleans area offer reduced prices for the Pathé cinema. Thus, it is possible to buy tickets at Auchan, at 9.25 euros or 8.95 euros with the brand’s card. At Cultura, they are sold for 8.99 euros. Fnac offers them at 9.99 euros. This list is not exhaustive.

In these stores, you can buy several tickets at the same time, their validity period being several months. Also consider your works council if you have one.

Cindy Roudier-Valaud

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Leisure – In Orléans, the Pathé cinema is more expensive than in other cities of comparable size