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Soon to appear in the film “Sisters”, Isabelle Adjani has never taken a rest during her long career. In the 70s, the brunette sculptural captivates François Truffaut who snatches her from the theater to give her the first role in “The Story of Adèle H.”. She then made her place in a French cinema which adored her. At the same time, Daniel Day-Lewis made his debut across the Channel. He is unanimous in “My beautiful Laundrette” by Stephen Frears, plays for James Ivory and shares the screen with Juliette Binoche. In 1989, the Irishman confirmed his talent and won the precious Oscar for his interpretation of the crippled Irish poet Christy Brown, in “My Left Foot”. Together, these monsters of the cinema now count three Oscars and five Caesar. Two stars whose paths cross after the English premiere of the film “Camille Claudel”, by Bruno Nuytten.

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Their meeting remains secret but the actress keeps a vivid memory of it. It must be said that this dark brown has a funny way of seducing. Romantic, Daniel Day-Lewis? Rather, theatrical. After their first exchanges, Isabelle Adjani receives in her suite at the Claridge a word of love, to say the least, dramatic. “Welcome to this miserable country,” Daniel Day-Lewis writes on this piece of paper. He fell in love with Camille Claudel, supposes the actress in an interview for “Madame Figaro”. Maybe, but the attraction is mutual. She “follows up” and the two lovers love each other passionately for five years. “With Daniel Day-Lewis, there was something of the order of dazzling love. But there is a saying that two stars cannot live under the same skies. And then, you don’t make your life with the man you loved the most: of that, I’m sure. »Isabelle Adjani and her handsome Irishman, an impossible passion?

Deep wounds

When she tells him that she is pregnant, he disappears. The caption says he left her by fax. But the mother of Gabriel-Kane, their son born in 1995, denies this rumor. Yet their sudden rupture is painful. “I told her I was pregnant. We did not see each other afterwards. He never told me it was over. I would have liked him to do it because I like it when things are clear ”, she always confides to“ Madame Figaro ”. It’s a blow to the heroine of “Queen Margot”, who thought she had finally found her soul mate. “When we parted, I was left so lonely… A widow. It’s almost unconfessable. There is, at home, a little phrase engraved on a mirror: “To die for love is beautiful but it is stupid.” The exaltation of love does not nourish: it is a quick sugar… ”Life with Daniel Day-Lewis was an enchanted, delicious but brutal parenthesis, marked by the cynicism of the actor.

The latter lives things intensely. Too much, maybe. Before slipping into a new role, he becomes one with his character. To prepare “The Last of the Mohicans”, he goes to live in immersion in the forest and hunts his own game. For “In the Name of the Father”, he locks himself in a prison cell and spends months in a wheelchair off and on the set of “My Left Foot”. At the release of the biopic “Lincoln”, his playing partner Joseph Gordon-Levitt recalls: “I never met Daniel Day-Lewis. I met the president. I called him “Sir” and he called me “Robert”. “Practices that earned him three Oscars. But these habits do not always translate into reality. Outside the studios, the Brit is not recognized for his delicacy. Isabelle Adjani pays the price and keeps the memory of a hurtful remark: “I do not understand how Arthur Miller was able to marry Marilyn Monroe. She was fat, ”her companion once said. “There was interest in staying slim! », Jokes the actress, 25 years later.

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With time comes appeasement

Single mother, she is ready to do anything to forget this heartbreaking chapter. She leaves Los Angeles and settles in Switzerland, where a law protects mothers who wish to obtain custody of their children. “After the birth of my second son, the dispute between me and his father made me make this decision,” she declared publicly in 2014. Relationships were not in good shape for years: the child lives with his mother in Paris, she avoids working in the United States. This is the land of his old love. “Depressed”, weakened by that part of her that “broke” at the departure of Gabriel-Kane’s father, Isabelle Adjani finally makes peace with this heartache. “Everything is pacified, but I am convinced that great passions never turn into great friendships,” said the star. Admiring her career and her new life with Rebecca Miller, Isabelle Adjani observes from afar. “It would be intrusive and incongruous to see him again today. Their son, a promising 26-year-old model and aspiring DJ, sometimes wonders what life would be like with both parents. “Once, though, we all celebrated Thanksgiving together in Connecticut. There was no tension, but it was very weird, ”recalls Gabriel-Kane in“ Gala ”. At 13, the young man moved to New York with his father, whose brute strength contrasts with the grace of Isabelle Adjani. “Dad was rougher. He’s a real guy, a guy who gets his hands dirty! If you fall, he will only help you if he is sure that you cannot get up on your own. With him, it was the school of life. “

The story is not a fairy tale but it no longer affects Isabelle Adjani. They did not live happily and did not have many children, we could rewrite. “The parents were kind enough to separate before he arrived. It is very practical for the child: no trauma ”, she quips in“ Gala ”. Despite his distance, his sudden departure and the rumors that accompanied him, Daniel Day-Lewis will forever remain the object of his greatest passion. “The only two men I have passionately loved are the fathers of my two sons,” she confided one day to Nicolas Bedos for “Paris Match”.