Lady’s Game on Netflix: Anya Taylor-Joy looks back on the success of the series

Clement Cusseau


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Big favorite of the next Emmy Awards, Anya Taylor-Joy returned to the success of the Netflix mini-series “The Lady’s Game”.

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Before knowing if she will be crowned at the Emmy Awards on September 19, actress Anya Taylor-Joy returned for Deadline on the massive success of the Netflix mini-series The Lady’s Game, which follows the story of Beth Harmon, a young orphan chess prodigy.

During the interview, the 25-year-old actress reconsidered her decision to lend her features to a champion of the game of chess. An astonishing choice for those close to her, but which can be explained by the crush felt by the latter when reading Walter Tevis’ novel.

I devoured the novel in an hour and a half, and the very second I put the book down, I ran out to meet Scott Frank (the creator of the series, editor’s note). I was bubbling over with ideas, so I had to talk to him about it as soon as possible. I went to meet him and I was so nervous that when I walked into the restaurant where he was waiting for me I yelled ‘She has to be red!’ and he immediately nodded.

Driven by a feeling of excitement she hadn’t felt since her first movie The Witch, Anya Taylor-Joy draws a parallel between her passion for comedy and what the game of chess represents in Beth’s eyes. An anchoring point which also served as a starting point for his performance, unanimously hailed by the critics.

And if the success of Lady’s game There is no longer any doubt today that reaching the general public with a series devoted to chess was not, however, a won bet. “I didn’t realize a thing when I was asked what my next role would be, when I answered that of a chess prodigy, and I was told ‘ah and well good luck then'” she confided.

However, the hard work of the team to bring this story to the screen was for the actress the main reason for the success of this mini-series, which will also have allowed to revive an unexpected enthusiasm for chess among the public. .

At the end of the shoot, Scott Frank said to me ‘you know, this is the show I’m most proud of, and I don’t care what people think about it because I’m so proud that we could make the series the way we wanted to do it from the start ‘.

On September 19, The Lady’s Game will be represented in no less than eighteen categories at the Emmy Awards, including Best Miniseries and Best Actress.