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How far can a heel go? Lady Gaga tested the limits yesterday in New York City when the singer was pictured wearing a strapless black Magda Butrym gown and 9-inch lace-up platform boots from Pleaser Shoes. She was wearing a Mark Cross handbag and accessorized with Dita sunglasses.



Gaga’s wedge shoes are always in stock for those brave enough to try them on:

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Gaga spoke to Oprah for ELLE in November 2019 about how she no longer feels the pressure to outdo herself as an artist. “I used to do it, though,” she says. “Oprah, I have to be 100% up to you: I used to try to wrap my brain as hard as possible around what I could do to…. Instead of being shocking or “performance art”), I would use the word “bemuse,” which essentially puts the audience in a state of confusion where they can’t look away. I used to say to myself, “What am I going to do next to get people’s attention?” “

Oprah spoke of the big fashion moment for Gaga’s meat dress, and the singer spoke candidly about the audience’s reception versus how she thought she would be viewed: “The meat dress, quite frankly. , I didn’t think it was going to be as shocking to everyone as it was, ”she said. But it’s just me. I have kind of an eccentric brain, so for me I was like, sure that makes sense. I introduce myself to make a statement about “Don’t ask, don’t say”. I went to the event with soldiers who were fired from the army because they were absent, or they were discovered, and for me, if you are ready to give your life for your country, what is your sexual orientation? or what is your gender identity? To me it was like “The flesh is flesh” so that was the intention of the meat dress. For me, it was not shocking; it was shocking to the world. And I have to say, that was quite recently – after doing A Star Is Born, and working with Bradley Cooper, and my experience even winning an Oscar – I kind of was like, ‘You have a much more mission. important about this Earth to freak people out. Your mission is to give people a form of love through your art that uplifts them. ”

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