Lady Gaga raped, she becomes pregnant: her terrible revelations

Has become for many years now one of the biggest stars of international song, Lady Gaga sometimes retains a mysterious side. However, the singer agreed in recent days to indulge without the slightest taboo in a confession interview. His fans were indeed able to discover a hidden part of his life in the documentary, The Me You Can’t See, created in collaboration by Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey. During this interview, the interpreter of Poker face reveals how a man abused her at 19, resulting in an obviously unwanted pregnancy. Objeko therefore comes back for you on these terrible events.

Lady Gaga : a famous music producer abuses her for long month

A planetary star

It is obviously no longer necessary to introduce Lady Gaga. Old today 35 years old, Stefani Germanotta her real name is a singer-songwriter and world famous actress. Raised by the nuns in New York, she quickly showed real artistic abilities. Her first album released in 2008 will quickly make her one of the most popular artists. Since then its notoriety has only grown. In 2019, the public also discovered her as a leading actress in the film. A Star is Born where she gives the answer to the director and actor Bradley Cooper. A real triumph that will also allow him to win the Golden Globes and the Oscar for best original song. Lady Gaga therefore seems lucky to have an extraordinary life. Yet behind this apparent congratulated himself hides a heavy secret.

Very young, Lady Gaga began to perform on the New York stages. From the age of 13, she thus multiplied appearances in small bars while perfecting herself in a singing school and taking drama lessons. To make ends meet, she also works in the middle of the night by becoming a waitress and by accepting all the odd jobs. It was finally at the age of 19 that she met a producer who took charge of her career. Unfortunately, the man in question will turn out to be very dangerous. More interested in the young woman than in her music, he will simply abuse her and destroy her psychologically. In this documentary created by Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey, the singer accepts to come back to these painful events. Objeko so plunges with her in her terrible memories.

A very long ordeal

When Lady Gaga meets this producer, she can never imagine what will follow. Determined to break into the entertainment world, she trusts the man she comes to know. Still, this one will quickly show his true face: ”I was 19 years old. I was starting out in the business and a producer told me: ‘Take off your clothes’. During this exchange with journalists, the singer explains that she refused. ”And I said ‘No’. And I left, and they told me they were going to burn all my music ”. Visibly disturbed by this evocation, Lady Gaga nevertheless finds the strength to continue her story: “And they didn’t stop. They kept asking me, then I froze and I just … I don’t even remember ”.

Lady Gaga would therefore have been abused by a professional in the trade. She thus reveals to have been under his control for many months and to have lived a real hell. Following these multiple relationships, the artist then became pregnant at the age of 19. His torturer, far from wanting to help him, abandons him cowardly in front of his parents’ home; she is completely destroyed. Obviously, this story will have profound consequences on the psychological health of the young woman. Even if at first, Lady Gaga seems to have wanted to bury this memory in her memory until she forgot the name of her attacker, everything will reappear. Horror will quickly catch up with her. Objeko explains everything to you.

Psychotic phases

Victim of a real trauma, Lady Gaga encountered many mental health problems a few months after these attacks. She explains thus having lived “A total psychotic break”. Before specifying: “I was not the same girl anymore”. Determined to take care of herself, the singer then meets health professionals who deliver the verdict to her. Indeed, the star suffers from post-traumatic stress in connection with these attacks. Among her most prominent symptoms, the young woman experiences self-harm impulses. “I used to scream and throw myself against the wall”. In addition, she takes a habit of mutilating herself and sacrificing her skin …

After several years of care with the help of a psychiatrist, Lady Gaga is slowly coming back up. However, the cure is not really complete. Even today, the path looks like for her “A slow rise”. Despite all the horror of this story, Lady Gaga nevertheless did not wish to reveal the name of the man of whom she was the victim for many months. An aggressor who will have abused her physically, but also psychologically. Lady Gaga will thus experience a terrible depression and a real state of distress. Today, life seems a little sweeter to him. Thanks to her courage and the help of those close to her, she will have succeeded in defeating her demons and found a balance in life.