Krysten Ritter celebrates that Jessica Jones has become a “Disney princess” with the arrival of Disney+

Jessica JonesThe Netflix show’s post-movie arrival on Disney+ saw Krysten Ritter announce herself as the new Disney Princess. Ritter joked about his new status as Jessica Jones and the other Marvel TV shows such as Daredevil, the Punisher and The defenders all have joined the Disney streaming platform alongside MCU content. Of course, the darker and more violent shows have a higher rating than other Marvel fare and that’s one of the reasons why Disney+ recently added a parental controls setting while they film for add more adult-themed content to their formally family-oriented US version.

With a whole stream of mature themes such as drug and alcohol use, gore, violence and sex, Jessica Jones rightfully deserves its TV-MA rating, but fans of the super-strong private investigator wouldn’t have it any other way. As daredevilthere have been a number of questions about whether Ritter will return as a character in the MCU’s future, and similarly how close his character will be to the tone of the original series if Jones returns.

With Jessica Jones Now available on Disney+, it was fitting that Ritter let it be known via his Instagram account, when he joked about being a ‘Disney Princess’ as he urged everyone to ‘go (re)watch Jessica Jonesat his new Disney home. With plenty of speculation about her possible MCU return in an upcoming show or movie, could her message be just another sign of Jessica’s future?

Disney+ is growing with the likes of Jessica Jones, and it has to happen

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The arrival of Marvel Television Heroes on Disney+ has some people calling out Disney for adding mature content to the streaming platform. However, new parental controls have been added to allow subscribers to ensure their children don’t see anything they don’t want them to see, and in international territories like the UK this is all standard. since the launch of the platform.

While the US market sees almost all of Disney’s mature content heading to Hulu, that content has been available elsewhere through the Star brand on the Disney+ app and site, so really Disney is just doing what’s really needed for the align with other platforms and other countries. Whether Hulu will eventually become part of Disney+ in the US is unknown at this time, but with the parental controls feature now in place, it seems likely there will be a lot more mature content to come. on Disney+ in the future, and some that will come from the MCU.

Charlie Cox’s Daredevil has already made his first appearance in the MCU, and while his next appearance may tone down some of the violence seen in the Netflix original series, with other R-rated characters such as Deadpool in top of the list, how these darker characters will be handled by Marvel Studios is just something else that’s going to make the next two years very interesting for the MCU.

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Krysten Ritter celebrates that Jessica Jones has become a “Disney princess” with the arrival of Disney+