Kristen Stewart seeks her crown

Many years have passed since a kiss of hers in front of the director Catherine Hardwicke was enough to convince him that Robert Pattinson was the one who had the perfect chemistry with her to give life to the intense romance of the protagonists of Twilight . Although until that moment the Los Angeles-born actress had been working on films such as Panic room by David Fincher, Zathura: a space adventure O Towards wild routes Sean Penn, had never gone beyond a supporting role. However, everything changed the day Hardwicke’s film hit theaters and
became an instant hit.

Stewart became a star, although there were many who made fun of her for the lack of expressiveness she showed as Bella Swan. However, some time after that media adventure ended, Stewart showed that she was not short on talent, when she became the first, and so far the only, American to win the Caesar for her extraordinary work in Trip to Sils Maria in which she played the devoted assistant of the famous actress played by Juliette Binoche.

Kristen Stewart dressed as a bride as Diana of Wales in ‘Spencer


The actress is excited about the launch of her first feature film as a director

In the years that followed, the tabloid press was more interested in her romances, bisexual orientation, and financial investments than in her work as an actress, but Stewart continued to work endlessly on small independent films, in which she often got involved simply because she had a scene he was excited to shoot. And although from time to time he allowed himself to be tempted by blockbusters such as the failed remake of Charlie’s Angels His strength was always any role that required a great performance. This is how, two years ago, her transformation into Jean Seberg, the ill-fated Hollywood star who was persecuted by the FBI for her political activism, surprised her at the San Sebastian Festival, but was ignored by the big awards.

NEW YORK CITY, NY - SEPTEMBER 11: Dylan Meyer and Kristen Stewart are seen on September 11, 2021 in New York City, New York. (Photo by LRNYC/MEGA/GC Images)

The actress with her fiancee, Dylan Meyer, walking through New York last September

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However, the response you have received for Spencer , the film by Chilean Pablo Larraín in which he plays Princess Diana in the days before her divorce, has been totally different. Today critics pursuing the Oscar race are not wondering if he will receive a nomination, but rather if there is any other potential contender who can snatch a gold statuette that seems virtually assured. It is that although her accent in British English in the original version is far from perfect, this 31-year-old woman who in her personal life prefers to show herself in jeans and T-shirts and has continued to behave as a bohemian artist despite having a fortune that exceeds 60 million euros, on the screen she is a true aristocrat who knows the traditions of royalty and fights against the exhaustion of having to follow them every day to the letter.

Stewart, who is going through his best moment also on the sentimental level, since he has just got engaged to the screenwriter Dylan Meyer, with whom he has been dating for two years, has spent the last months touring film festivals and attending galas as they usually do those who try to take a golden statuette. In a long interview with The New Yorker , Kristen Stewart explained: “I had never done promotion before. It’s exhausting and embarrassing. You have to go out and talk to people and you feel like you are a diplomat, because there is a lot of politics involved ”.

Kristen Stewart has presented the movie 'Spencer', where she plays Lady Di, in Los Angeles

Kristen Stewart has presented the movie ‘Spencer’, where she plays Lady Di, in Los Angeles

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That didn’t stop her from opting to swap her high-heeled shoes for a pair of slippers before taking the stage at a recent Q&A at the Directors Guild of America theater.

Regardless of how it goes with the Oscar, Stewart does not stop working. The filming of David Cronenberg’s new film has now concluded, Crimes of the future , in which she has worked with Viggo Mortensen and Léa Seydoux, and is totally dedicated to the launch of her first feature film as a director, The chronology of water , based on the memoirs of Lidia Yuknavitch, for whom she has not yet found her protagonist. “It’s a role that I could have played when I was younger,” Stewart admitted in the interview with The New Yorker , clarifying that she will not participate as an actress.

Although there were many who wanted to make the story about multiple husbands, having lost a pregnancy and love experiences with men and women, Stewart convinced Yuknavitch with a long letter in which he explained what his gaze was. In addition, the actress prepares as a producer a series that she has co-written with her fiancée and a reality show about gays hunting ghosts.

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Kristen Stewart seeks her crown