Kim Basinger wasted her money and today lives almost broke

The tale of the ant and the grasshopper can be applied to showbiz celebrities who strike it rich for a few years, mismanage their wealth, and end up broke. It’s what happens to kim basingerthat “sex symbol” on the screen when it was released in 1986 9 and a half weeks, where with the co-star, and also long forgotten, Mickey Rourke rolled in bed, in an almost wild way. The director did everything possible during filming to make them get along badly, and when they had to lend themselves to love scenes, they did not save part of the hatred that they had hidden shortly before going before the cameras. The film made a lot of money at the box office, Kim and Mickey also took a good chunk of dollars and, consequently, notable popularity.

kim basingeran explosive blonde with an insinuating look, later shot other successful films at the end of the 80s, namely: Blind Date Y Batman. In 1997, she won an Oscar for best supporting actress for LA Confidential, where she embodied with feeling the character of a prostitute.

Those films helped the star to obtain international recognition. And so, in 1993 the owners of the Freixenet cava firm hired her for the traditional spots Christmas, where he performed the song of White House “As Time Goes By”.

A woman like her, who attracted many of her companions and others related to the show business, lived loves of all kinds. First, her not being very well known yet, with a fashion professional and a football player. And already an outstanding actress, she got involved for a good season with the irresistible Richard Gere and also the pop singer Prince (of which it was said that he was one of those “bareback and wool”). A make-up artist named Ron Snyder He was her first husband, in 1980, until they divorced nine years later. Later, she contracted a second union with Alec Baldwina heartthrob he met on the set of she always says yes. They would have a daughter, Ireland. He hummingbird, she seductive, they ended up throwing the kitchen utensils at each other’s heads. Divorces in the United States are usually very expensive, especially for those who do not hesitate to hire lawyers from the most sought-after law firms. After much bickering, they reached an agreement, not without having to dig deep into their pockets to pay their defenses the dizzying figure of three million euros, a fee that is only available to millionaires, as this movie couple were then. Married in 1993, they said goodbye in 2002.

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In matters of money, the truth is that Kim Basinger never knew how to manage her high net worth in moderation. He committed many eccentricities, spending more than he should have. She became infatuated with an abandoned town, near where she was born in the US state of Georgia, called Braselton. And she bought those 700-hectare plots for twenty million dollars. She intended to set up a theme park there. She what she did not do. And after a certain time, needing liquidity, she had to sell off her property for only two million. What a business she did…! And thus other mistaken operations, which would diminish her capital while her film contracts were scarce.

Add to that a somewhat erratic character of the diva that led her to breach one of her contracts with the producer of My obsession with Helena, which once sued in court meant that she was sentenced to pay seven million dollars. And so she has fared in recent years to kim basinger, without her phone ringing for some interesting project, being forced to accept other jobs that are very different from the ones she did decades ago. For example, she accepted an advertising campaign for the Italian firm Miu Miu.

Just start this 2023 kim basinger he has received at least one piece of happy news: his daughter Ireland Baldwin is pregnant. So that she will become a grandmother when she is about to turn seventy. This only daughter of his has had a miserable life. She was raped as a teenager. Her character suffered as she grew older. She gave him for drugs. She earned money as a model, not caring about appearing nude in some publications. She seems that at present she, already married, she has given up those bad habits of hers.

Kim, for her part, He has barely been in movies lately, except in some, with brief roles, on the verge of staying on the street, with his physique already quite deteriorated, he has not wanted to have other sentimental adventures, and the last man who is known by his side is a stylist named Mitch Stone. Bad steps and time are inclement with those who do not lead an orderly life.

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Kim Basinger wasted her money and today lives almost broke