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Over the years, M has been a character and name synonymous with the James Bond franchise, and a startling theory has suggested that Judi Dench was secretly playing two different incarnations of the character. Judi Dench played M for 20 years, making her debut in Goldeneye in 1995 and making a final appearance in Specter in 2015. During that time she appeared in eight James Bond films, meaning she played M more long and has appeared in more films than any other actor.

The role straddled two distinct James Bond eras and some differences in the characterization of M between the Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig films were present. That’s because the relationship between Judi Dench’s M and Brosnan’s more seasoned Bond was rocky from the start, with her calling him in Goldeneye a “sexist, misogynistic dinosaur.” A Cold War relic. Additionally, though capable of compassion, which was used against her in The World Is Not Enough, M was also undoubtedly feared by her MI6 subordinates. This contrasted somewhat with the Daniel Craig James Bond films, which saw her act more like a surrogate mother for Bond whereas her actions and contributions tended to be more personally driven.

This difference could be explained simply by ignoring an obvious hypothesis about M in the Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig James Bond eras. Rather than assuming that Judi Dench played the same character in all eight Bond films she appeared in, there is a theory that she played two different versions of Mr. To be more specific, it has been suggested that her real name in the Pierce Brosnan films was Barbara Mawdsley, while she is another character called Olivia Mansfield in the Daniel Craig Bond continuity.

Why Judi Dench may have played two different versions of M

Interestingly, there has been evidence to support this idea. M’s name was revealed after her death in Skyfall when she posthumously left Bond a box containing a porcelain Union Jack bulldog. This box was tagged as the property of Olivia Mansfield, confirming an official return of the codename M that Daniel Craig’s James Bond had previously hinted at in Casino Royale.

More than that, it also revealed that Dench’s M had a different name than she would have had when Pierce Brosnan was Bond. The rumor that M was called Barbara Mawdsley in the original Goldeneye script has persisted for a long time. However, although there has been no official confirmation of this, Barbara Mawdsley’s name came up during the time Pierce Brosnan played 007. Raymond Benson’s 1997 James Bond novel Zero Minus Ten featured a female M of the same name, and later Benson. confirmed in a Q&A that “I couldn’t help but picture Judi Dench in my mind when I made it. »

While hardly conclusive, there’s no denying that Judi Dench redefined the role of M. She was the first female M, the only M killed in the line of duty, and the only M to interact with the villain. main in The World It’s Not Enough and Skyfall. Based on this, the suggestion that she played two different versions of M would hardly seem far-fetched. More than that, it would be fitting if his groundbreaking example created similar opportunities for female characters in future James Bond films.

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Key Detail Suggests Judi Dench Played 2 Different Mrs. in James Bond | Pretty Reel